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Pool Safety Cover Phoenix Arizona

It’s almost that time of the year again…the time to close the pool and that means winterizing with chemicals and covering the pool in most cases. Many people in the Arizona market have summer homes or second homes and these homes are left to sit until the next summer comes around and their owners return. What happens with the pool while the owner is gone? If there is a poo professional maintaining the pool, this becomes an ongoing expense and of course the question is always in the back of the owners mind if someone is even going out there. The other lingering question is the safety of the pool while the owner is not there. A pool safety cover can resolve both issues or potential issues. How? Pool Guard offers a pool safety cover (mesh)  that blocks  out 98% of the sun’s rays resulting in blocking the growth of algae. This promesh is also significantly lighter than standard mesh covers.  This is important because the standard cover allows sun to pass through it  creating a huge mess for the pool maintenance person or you depending on who cares for the pool. If you are closing your pool and want to save money on maintenance fees over the winter, make opening your pool easier when spring comes around and want to secure your pool from a potential accident then contact your local Pool Guard dealer today for a free estimate.

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