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Pool Safety Covers Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Pool tarps are not a safe option for covering a pool. While it makes sense that putting a tarp over a pool will assist in keeping leaves out (not greatly provided the water will pool in the center of the tarp on top of the pool, then require pumping out and then removal of the leaves). A pool safety cover is installed with the tension of a drum or “drum tight”. We recommend a mesh cover or a solid cover with a mesh drain hatch so that there is no pooling on top of the cover. The simplicity of the design of a pool safety cover allows for the leaves and debris to simply be blown off the top and the water to pass through. The safety cover is held in place with anchors in the concrete or tile and the springs from the cover are attached to the anchors. The removal and installation process takes between 15- 20 minutes depending on the size of the cover.

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