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Pool Safety Covers Oklahoma City

Pool Cover Oklahoma City

Pool Cover Oklahoma City

Manual Pool Safety Cover

When someone says pool covers what is the image that is conjured up in your mind? Is it the plastic cover with the water bags on the edge that hold it into place that EVERYONE hates to take off when spring gets here? It does not have to be that way. There are alternatives to the “old school” covering option of the pool. The First is the semi-automatic pool cover. This pool cover does not require electricity to operate, it just requires an adult to crank the cover back manually. It keeps all debris out of the pool and helps to significantly keep the pool warm during the winter months if you are using a pool heater. To pull it out, you simply grab the pull strap and wall next to the cover all the way down and it is covered. A second option on pool covers is the manual pin down type of cover that is held in place by springs. It tends to be more work to put on and take off but it has the benefit of also having a lower price point as well. The installation of the semi-automatic pool cover takes usually a day and the installation of the pin down pool cover takes approximately a half of a day depending on the complexity of the pool (waterfalls, grotto, diving board, slides etc.). The most important aspect is that your pool is safe from small children falling in. We certainly hope you contact us for your pool cover needs as we have the product portfolio and expertise to make your pool safe.

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