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Pool Safety Fence Maintenance Tips Brentwood California

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Pool Guard Pool Fence

Maintaining your pool safety fence is actually quite simple. The most important item on the checklist of maintaining your removable pool safety fence is to check to make sure all the latches are closed completely if the fence has recently been taken down and put back up. Once this has been done we recommend that you check the self closing gate to make sure that the gate door is closing quickly. Some minor adjustments in the self closing hinges will make the gate close quicker and stronger with the use of a Philips head screwdriver and a straight head screwdriver. The third aspect to check when you are doing a safety check is to make sure that there are no obstructions to keep the gate from closing (shoes, etc.). If your pool safety fence gets dirty and you need to clean it you simply need to use a broom and water. No cleaning agents are needed or recommended because the UV protectant that is integrated into the mesh of the pool fence may be disrupted. Simply hose the fence and lightly scrub with the broom. This should be more than adequate for whatever may be on the fence. Storage is quite simple. All you will need to do is release the latches all the way around the pool and take each one out and roll it up and store in a place out of the way. It is recommended to write somewhere with a sharpie in small numbers which piece goes where as not all pieces are the same size due to the size and shape of each pool. This will make placing the fence back in the right position with the proper tension much safer and easier. If you follow these tips you should have a great and safe swimming season.

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