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Pool Safety Guidelines

Pool Safety 101

  • Pools should have layers of protection to prevent drowning
  • Fences and walls should be at least 4 feet high
  • Self-latching gates out of reach of children
  • Alarms on doors, pool covers, motion-detectors
  • Rescue equipment such as a pole, life ring etc.
  • A phone by the pool area
  • Pool area free from toys, chairs etc.

People Should

  • Learn CPR and practice it Learn how to swim and never swim alone
  • Learn FIRST RESPONDER skills
  • Be aware of possible dangers
  • Be responsible for safety features and watching children
  • Never leave a child alone around water

Greatest Problems Causing Near Drowning or Drowning are:

  • Lack of Adult Supervision
  • Lack of Awareness, Training and Education
  • No Lifeline in Place
  • No trained Personnel Available for Response
  • No Fence or Barrier
  • Gates Left Open
  • Lack of General Water Safety

Experts believe the installation of fences around household swimming pools could save the lives of some but not all of the nearly 600 toddlers who drown in the US every year.

Additional strategies to prevent drowning are also needed.

  • An increase in the level of supervision of children by parents, older siblings and baby sitters would probably save the greatest number of young lives.
  • Researchers believe adults need to be better educated as to the dangers posed by the family swimming pool.
  • Children need to be made aware of the dangers of water as well as the pleasures.
  • Adults need to become aware of the safety measures to take to keep their children safe and then take responsibility for the safety of their surroundings.

Water is a great source of enjoyment, however, it can, as well be a potential danger.

  • All Caregivers who supervise children should receive training in Emergency Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Responder and First Aid Skills.
  • Telephones and rescure equipment should be easily accessed from the pool area, providing a lifeline in place by the pool

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