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Pool Safety Kingman Arizona

A safe pool is a great pool. There are a several pool safety options available to keep your pool safe from kids whether they are your kids or someone else’s kids, your pools should be safe. The options in order of popularity are removable pool safety fences, pool safety covers and pool safety nets.

Arizona Pool Fences provide a vertical barrier that keeps the kids out of the pool and can be removed by an adult with about 10-20 minutes worth of effort (the time will depend directly with the amount of fence and size of the pool). The pool fence comes in several different colors so that you can choose the color that best suits your back yard décor. An important aspect of getting a pool safety fence is to include a pool safety gate. The pool safety gate should be self closing, self latching and lockable as this will allow you to gain access to the pool without the burden of remembering if you put the fence back and allows you to lock the gate.

Pool Safety covers offer not only the pool safety portion but they cover the pool to keep debris out of the pool. While they are a bit more cumbersome to take off and put on versus using a pool fence, they have the added benefit of keeping your pool clean. Pool safety covers come in a variety of colors as well. Always make sure your pool cover is installed drum tight. This is prevents sag into the pool resulting in a water hazard.

Pool Safety Nets offer a different version of barrier to keep your pools safe in that it is a large net secured by a net and the CTS (Central Tensioning System-a group of pulleys in the center of the net) is drawn tight to make the net secure. This is a very common choice for pool safety as it does not create any visual obstructions to your view to the back yard.

Contact your local pool guard safety specialist to decide which option best suits your backyard.

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