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Pool Safety Nets Pros and Cons Miami Florida

Blue Pool Safety Net Miami

Blue Pool Safety Net Miami

Making the decision between a pool fence and a pool net requires you to answer a couple of simple questions. The first is are you willing to take the pool safety net off entirely when you need to use the pool and reinstall it when you are not using the pool? It does not take long however this is a personal decision that you have to make. A pool safety fence can stay up year round. If you (and you should) have a pool safety gate installed then the gate will be closed and thus securing the pool automatically. A pool safety net will require you to manually take the net all the way off and put it all the way on when not in use. The amount of time on an average pool is going to be approximately 10-15 minutes so it is actually quote easy. The other key factor is do you want a pool safety fence to obstruct your view. Many of us in Miami have a great view and prefer not to have it obstructed…NO MATTER WHAT (I am one of those people :). Whatever direction you decide, speak with a company that offers BOTH because if they just offer pool safety fence or just offer pool safety nets…guess what they are going to push you to buy?







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