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Removable Pool Fences Phoenix, Arizona

Pool fences come in different shapes, sizes, colors and even permanentability (Yes, I just invented that word because I simply cannot think of another word that describes what I am trying to say). Recently Pool Guard of Phoenix received a call from a home owner that had a pool fence installed in their home some time ago (the infamous wrought iron gate that so many pay premiums to have installed around their pool for pool safety). The complaint? Well as you can imagine, if you took a chemistry class or live close to water, the fence rusted and was not stable nor safe at this point. Pool Guard of Phoenix provides a removable (removable by adults) pool safety fence that is more transparent, more color suitable for the atmosphere and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. These three features make a Pool Guard removable safety fence a no brainer never mind the cost is better to boot.

A Pool Guard pool fence is more transparent because the mesh is more see through than that of a wrought iron fence. Each post is thirty six inches on center (not only meets but exceeds ASTM standards). The often overlooked aspect of comparing a pool safety fence to a wrought iron fence is that a wrought iron fence has rungs that a child can wedge their feet in between in order to leverage themselves over the fence. This is not safe. A Pool Guard pool safety fence has the mesh on the outside of the poles so there is no place for a child to wedge their foot to climb over.

Arizona has what most would describe as a vanilla or beige setting. The houses and landscape tend to lend themselves to a brown or beige flavor in most houses. Pool Guard fencing comes in over 17 different color combinations. The top seller or most requested color in Phoenix is all brown or all beige so that is compliments the house and the landscape. How many beige or brown wrought iron fences have you seen that have the visual dexterity as the fences in the photos illustrated? Not many. This simply is a better looking product and again, can be removed in typically 15 minutes by an adult.

Pool Guard fences come with a limited lifetime warranty covering color fading, craftsmanship and rust. The poles are made of aluminum so you know that you will not have a rust issue. The entire mesh and borders including threading come with built in UV inhibitors making Pool Guard pool fence a product that will last you a lifetime.

If you have a pool, it needs to have at least one layer of safety to protect the kids. Contact Pool Guard of Phoenix to get expert advice and installation of your pool safety fence.


Pool Guard Fence Phoenix Arizona

Pool Guard Fence
Phoenix Arizona

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