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Safety Fence for Pools Warner Robins Georgia

Removable Pool Fence Warner Robins Georgia

Removable Pool Fence Warner Robins Georgia

When most people think of pool fence they probably think of the wrought iron fence that used to adorn every home. Certainly times have changed when it comes to that concept. The removable pool safety fence provides pool owners with the versatility of a variety of colors and it can be removed by an adult  which comes in handy when you are having a pool party or a 4th of July cook out for example. The fence is virtually transparent (as transparent as a fence can be anyway!) and  the pool fence does not have the vertical spindles that a child can wedge their feet into in order to shimmy up the side of the fence to climb over.  It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that you have a 4′ pool fence and a self closing, self latching and lockable gate to make sure the pool fence secures itself when you pass into or out of the fence system. You can get a free estimate for making your pool safe for kids by contacting pool guard of Warner Robins today. Let’s prevent an accident from happening this summer!

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