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The Number One Reason to Get a Child Safety Pool Fence

child safety pool fencePerhaps you decided to move to a house with a pool or have one built on your property, expressly for the benefit of your children. Indeed, becoming a good swimmer is easier when lessons are in your backyard. Not to mention the fact that a pool party never gets old when it comes to birthday parties. We’d all rather our children play outside and get exercise and sunshine than stay inside with their eyes glued to one screen or another.

But did you know that the pool you thought would be a major asset to your kid’s development could also be their demise?

Pool Danger
In between 2005 and 2009, there was an average of 3,533 fatal unintentional, non-boating drownings in the U.S. — that’s about 10 a day. One in five of people who die by drowning are people under the age of 14. Considering their small size, inexperience with water safety, and propensity to wander off, it doesn’t seem like an unlikely statistic — but it is one that we can all work to prevent, especially people with backyard pools or even ponds.

Pool Precautions
If you think a child guard pool fence will ruin the aesthetics of your yard, think again. Barriers like pool fencing can prevent young children from gaining access to the poolside area without their caregivers knowledge. Make sure it covers all four sides — it will reduce the rick of a child’s drowning by 83% in comparison to a three sided property lining. Other precautionary measures can be taken in the form of pool safety covers, a pool safety net, and a certified child safety pool fence.

Consider education another safety measure — while most Americans believe they can swim just fine, a new survey recently revealed that 44% don’t know basic water-safety skills. If you have a backyard pool, educating the adults as well as the children is important for maximum safety, even with a child safety pool fence installed.

Working fences, gates and water-safety education into your life should come automatically with a new pool. The benefits to backyard access basically guarantee easy fun all summer long — as long as everyone stays safe and looks out for each other.

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