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What to Do When You Have Your First Pool Installed

Becoming a pool owner is a hugely exciting time in any homeowner’s life. In addition to being tons of fun, a pool can greatly increase the value of your home.

That being said, there’s one important thing that you should do before or during the installation of your pool. Truly consider pool safety.

Why Pool Safety Matters

Pool safety matters because it affects not only you, but everyone around you. This includes your family, your community, and your environment. Furthermore, good pool safety practices will often extend the lifespan of your pool. This means more fun for you and your family and more value for your home.

How to Make Your Pool Safe

When it comes to pool safety tips for a first-time pool owner, I like to divide tips into two categories: things you should do before you fill and use the pool, and things you should do while setting up the pool for the first time.

Before you even have the pool constructed, be sure to read up on pool safety. To get information about pool safety, try some pool safety blogs or check with your local library. Because this information is so important, it’s always highly accessible.

There’s one more thing you should do before ever setting up and using your pool: installing a pool safety system.

A pool safety system is simply a set of environmental factors you use to prevent accidents from happening in and around your pool. The most common and important part of this system is the pool fence.

Pool fences are one of the best ways to prevent pool-related injury and death, and are also required by law in most states and localities.

In addition to pool fences, you may consider extra protections such as pool safety covers.

When you’re setting up your pool for the first time, be sure to follow all the pool manufacturer’s instructions regarding setup and water chemistry. Also, create a schedule for yourself to check the water chemistry as often as you need to. This will prevent people who use your pool from getting sick.

At this point, you’re almost ready to use the pool. However, you should also check all your safety equipment first. Be sure your fence, gate, and any other pool safety devices are properly installed. You’ll also want to create a schedule for yourself to check for wear and tear of these regularly.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to use your pool, with plenty of peace of mind and personal security.

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