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Your Best Pool Safety Options

pool safety coverFor families all around the country, what is meant to be a fun addition to their home can quickly become a parent’s worst nightmare. A backyard swimming pool can add excitement to a kid’s summer break and relief from the scorching temperatures, but if the proper precautions are not taken, it can lead to devastating consequences. The reality is that one in five people who die by drowning are under the age of 15. Between 2005 and 2009, there was an average of 3,533 unintentional fatal drownings each year; that is about 10 deaths per day.

Appropriate fencing has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of drowning. Over half of all pool drownings involving children can be prevented by the installation of four-sided pool fencing that separates the pool from the yard and house. A child safety pool fence made of a transparent material like mesh is a smarter option than a wooden fence or other nontranslucent surfaces. Mesh will not hinder visibility, allowing you to keep an eye on your children while you are away from the pool area. A pool fence does not, however, trap heat or protect your pool from natural debris

A pool safety cover can be just as effective as pool gates or fencing, while maintaining an open yard without the nuisance of a tall obstruction. A pool safety cover will also keep your pool warm and prevent pollution of the water.

Types of Swimming Pool Covers

  • Solar Covers: Solar covers trap the heat from the sun, warming the pool
  • Vinyl: Vinyl covers insulate the pool water, preventing evaporation
  • Plastic: Plastic does not trap heat as well, but can be on the cheaper end
  • Mesh: This type of cover is anchored to your deck and stretched over the pool

Automatic pool covers offer all the advantages of other swimming pool covers while adding the extra benefit of convenience. You can completely cover your pool with the touch of a button. Amenities of automatic covers include a touchpad and wireless touchpad controls.

The majority of Americans claim that they can swim well, but a new survey shows that 44% do not know basic water-safety skills. For this reason, and for the protection of wandering children or pets, pool owners are encourage, if not required, to install some sort of pool safety guard.

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