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Pool Fencing Options | Learn Which is the Best Value

Pool Guard USA - Pool Fencing Options

When considering pool fencing options, where do you start? A pool fence can be a considerable investment in your pool’s safety efforts. How do you determine which product among the pool fencing options is the best overall value? Between glass, wood, wrought-iron, chain-link or mesh pool fencing – where do you start?  We hone in on durability, cost and versatility as your benchmarks.

Pool Fencing Options – How They Measure Up

Glass Pool Fence –

Durable – Made of tempered glass it is rather hard to shatter. But there have been rare instances where the temperature has changed dramatically to extreme heat, and it has shattered. Replacing a panel can be costly.
Versatility – It definitely does compliment the pool side but it is not removable. In the event, that you want a more clearer pool landscape without the glass, this is not on option.
Cost – This can easily start from $10,000 and up.

Wood –

Durable – It is subject to the elements and can eventually wear away. It can even rot if it is subjected to the harsh elements.
Versatility – Cuts down on visibility, obstructing your efforts to supervise. Not readily removable.
Cost – From $3,000 to $10,000 +

Wrought-iron –

Durable – It is subject to rust and corrosion.
Versatility – Cuts down on visibility, obstructing your efforts to supervise. Definitely, not easily removable.
Cost – Up to $10,000+

Chain-link fence –

Durable: It is subject to rust if not treated properly beforehand.
Also, among all the pool fencing options, this would not be a safe choice as it is easily climbable.
Versatility – You can get somewhat of a view of the activity in the pool area. Not easily removable
Cost – Up to $5000

Mesh Pool Fence – Among all the pool fencing options, this is the best value for you money.

Durable: A Pool Guard pool fence is strong, and made to withstand the elements. It is designed not be climbable. Safety is top of mind.
Versatility – It is easily removable in minutes. You can attain clear panoramic views in under 20 minutes.
Costs – On average under $3000 and comes with a limited warranty

To see what a mesh pool fence can look like in your home take a look out our pool fences gallery.

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