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Pool Safe Fence | 5 Must-Have Features

Pool Guard USA - Pool Safe Fence

A pool safe fence is THE basic pool safety equipment every pool owner must have.

Therefore, shopping for a pool safe fence should be easy. With all the products on the market vying for your attention, which one will catch your eye? Standard pool barriers must be all the same. So, you’ll find that perfect pool safe fence fast, right?

BUT…. Buyer beware!

There are many so-called “pool safe fence” products that fall short of the mark. For instance, a regular baby fence you may use inside the home is not comparable to a pool safe fence. A chain-link fence on the surface may pop up under the pool fences list. But, its lattice pattern easily provides a hold for kids eager to scale the fence and make it to the pool.

Yet, between the many options you have – wrought iron, glass, wood, mesh, etc. – where do you start?
What crucial features do you hone in on to select a reliable pool fence? Make sure to consider this when choosing your swimming pool fence…


Pool Safe Fence – 5 Must-Have Features

  • Industry Safety Standards – Make sure the pool fence is ASTM certified. The American Society for Testing and Materials is the gold standard for testing the efficacy and safety of products worldwide. Not all fences are expressly made for securing the pool. Get that Seal of Approval!
  • Safety Functionality
    Locking Mechanism – Wooden gates, and chain-link fences can be simple to open with traditional locks. Our removable mesh pool fences come with a Magna-Latch® child safety lock. This award-winning product’s, dual locking system keeps little ones out. It’s weatherproof and backed by a warranty.
    Scalability – Is the fence climbable? If a child can fit a hand or foot in the fence, that is not the design of a swimming pool fence.  Our mesh pool fence design does not allow for a leverage point.
  • Quality – You will spend a significant amount on this layer of pool protection. Make sure it comes with a warranty. Pool Guard pool fences come with a limited lifetime warranty on material and workmanship. With Pool Guard, you can rest assured you get the best quality on the market.
  • Height – Check with your local municipality to see what the minimum height requirement is for a pool safety barrier. On average, we have seen 5 feet to be the minimum height. But, check with your city or home insurance. Our removable pool fences are custom-made to meet your required height.
  • Visibility – Consider the material used for the pool security fence. Our mesh pool fences allow you to see easily through it at all times, while still providing pool protection.Looking for an economic pool safe fence, that is a good investment and complements your pool’s exterior? Consider a Pool Guard Pool Fence.



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