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Swimming Pool Safety Covers | The Multi-Purpose Pool Barrier

Pool Guard USA - Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Swimming pool safety covers are now a standard purchase for the pool owner. Whether you’re a homeowner, recreational facility manager, or a preservation company, you all share the following pool maintenance challenges.

Review this checklist and see how you can use your swimming pool cover efficiently.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover Uses:

  • Controls Evaporation – Swimming pool covers slow down or stop evaporation.
  • Manages Pool Chlorine Use – UV light degrades the chlorine within the pool. A cover blocks a good amount of UV light. Therefore, this cuts down on the chlorine needed.
  • Maintains Energy Savings – Swimming pool safety covers retain pool heat, consequently saving energy.
  • Debris Control – Pool covers keep yard debris out of pools, in effect, this leads to less maintenance.
  • Drown Prevention – Swimming pool safety covers are safety barriers for saving lives.

There are many types of swimming pool safety covers out on the market. But, which one best fits your needs? Here are a few features you should consider.

Strap down component (The most important detail that makes Swimming Pool Safety covers secure):

The two most popular types are the solid swimming pool safety covers and the mesh pool safety covers. The one important item that both styles have in common is the tie-down or strap-down feature. These covers stretch across a pool and are tied down to deck-mounted anchors, thus forming a taut barrier around the pool. Additionally, they do require two to three feet of decking around the pool.

Drainage capability:

Solid covers have a drain hatch in the center or the entire length. As a result, this prevents water from collecting and weighing it down.

Grade Types:

There are basically three different kinds of mesh pool safety covers; standard, premium, and commercial grade. Different companies may use different category names. We at Pool Guard USA sell two different mesh covers. Our Standard Mesh Covers feature a 12-year warranty. It is cost-effective and designed for short-term closing (three months or less). The mesh is not as tightly woven, therefore, an ample amount of sunlight does pierce through the cover. Ultimately, this results in some algae growth.

The Premium Mesh Cover keeps 98% of the sun out reducing algae growth. It has a 15-year warranty and comes with higher gauge springs than the standard cover.  Both covers are fabricated from polypropylene.

Meeting Pool Safety Standard Specifications:

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International has strict Pool Safety standards. In order for a pool cover to be considered a Pool Safety grade it must meet (ASTM’S) F1346-91 performance standards.

To meet these standards – the minimum weight requirement a cover must hold is 485 pounds. This weight should be maintained within any 3-foot diameter. It should have no spaces large enough for a child to slip through. Furthermore, it provides adequate drainage of rainwater on the cover’s surface to avoid the risk of drowning.

Our Pool Guard covers are designed with pool safety in mind. Looking for a pool cover that meets your needs and your budget, Pool Guard has got you covered.

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