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Lifeguard Approved Water Safety Tips

pool fencingWe all know that protecting our children — and ourselves!– is incredibly important while swimming. So what better way to learn safety tips than from the life savers themselves, aka lifeguards? No matter if they are watching over water parks, swimming pools, or the beach, these safety experts have seen it all.

So here are some lifeguard-approved safety tips for anyone keeping cool in the water.

Wear sunscreen, even when it is cloudy.

That sun is powerful and can give you painful burns even with a cloud cover. So apply, apply, apply, every single time you are outside!

Lifeguards are not babysitters, so stay with your children at all times.

It can be a tough job to keep track of many kids running around while trying to ensure everyone is staying safe in the water. Do not let your children run wild while at the pool and always keep a watchful eye on them. The lifeguard has too much to worry about and must be readily available in case an emergency happens.

Drowning is silent.

Many people think that when someone is drowning, there is a lot of screaming and splashing involved. This is simply not true, as most drowning incidents happen quietly. Drowning is more of a risk than many realize, from 2005 to 2009, there was an average of 10 drowning deaths per day in the United States. So if you don’t hear noise from your child while they are in the pool, make sure to go check on them immediately.

When lifeguards say your children cannot do something, they are not trying to be rude.

We simply are there to protect the wellbeing of all swimmers. So if we say your child is too small to go swimming, or if they cannot go past the pool fencing or pool gates in the area, we are just trying to prevent accidents from happening.

Take swim lessons.

The majority of Americans do not know how to swim properly. Before each summer season, enroll the entire family into swimming lessons so they can know how to act in the water. It is easy and can save a life.

Prevent your kids from entering the pool unsupervised.

Children are curious creatures, so invest in pool fencing, pool safety nets, and pool gates to keep your children out when they shouldn’t be in.

Always listen to what the lifeguard has to say and stay safe in the water with these tips!

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