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Pool owners across the country deal with a range of challenges. Energy costs, environmental factors, and the safety of their families, all need to be considered. Pool Guard™ pool safety covers are a solution that effectively covers a broad range of these issues. They improve pool heating control and keep out leaves and debris, and because Pool Guard™ is a pool safety-focused company, they have been built to provide a barrier that will keep anyone or anything from accidentally falling in your pool.

Additionally, covering your pool for the winter keeps leaves and debris out of your swimming pool making reopening your pool in the spring a much easier process. Available in a variety of fabrics and colors, a Pool Guard™ perfectly fitted, a custom swimming pool cover (that exceeds ASTM standards) outperforms standard safety covers!

Our safety pool covers are quick and easy to install and offer an innovative “trampoline” effect, which means the webbing will bend but not break. Pool Guard™ was the first to feature double webbing (stitching on both the top and bottom), not just for the first 18” but for all of the stitching. For added strength, we use a triple-stitched bonded thread and add an “X” and box stitch at the perimeters.

Our covers come with reinforced springs and anchors, so you can be sure they won’t rip, tear, or come undone. The springs have thoughtfully designed bends to ensure no gaps exist between the swimming pool and the decking, keeping the wind from blowing debris under the pool cover. We even built in tamper resistance through a special installation tool that is required to remove or install the pool cover.

Pool Guard™ dealers are trained to measure your pool for a safety cover using an interactive proprietary app that illustrates the dimensions of the pool cover as the data is entered. This streamlines the manufacturing process and provides a dramatic reduction in incorrect measurement data. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizing computer-aided design delivers a superior fitting pool safety cover with the shortest lead time in the industry. Since every backyard is different, from the decking material to the aggregate used in the concrete, we provide our dealers with thorough training and specialized installation tools and equipment, to ensure exceptional pool cover installations.

All of our safety pool covers come with a convenient storage bag, installation instructions, and a pool cover care guide. All of the hardware installation items, including a heavy-duty installation tool, tamping tool, spring covers, and an allen key, are included as well.

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Pool Guard™ is so confident in our solid safety pool covers, we offer a 15 year warranty, including 3 years full coverage.

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Pool Covers FAQs

Your pool safety cover may be cleaned with soapy water (use dish soap only) and a soft brush, or you can use a pressure washer provided the nozzle angle is 45 degrees or larger and you spray from no less than 6 inches from the cover. If you are cleaning your cover before storing it, we recommend that you be sure to allow the cover to dry completely before storage to avoid mold and damage.

Water will not puddle on your cover. Both Secure a Pool mesh and ProMesh covers are water permeable, allowing water and snowmelt to pass through the cover. HyperLite Solid covers come equipped with either a central drain to allow water to drain directly into the pool or a pump system to remove water from the cover directly. Pool Guard recommends that you check the water level of your pool frequently during the off-season to ensure the water level does not come in contact with your safety cover.

ProMesh and HyperLite Solid pool safety covers are an excellent way to block the UV light that causes algae growth throughout the winter making your spring pool opening much less of a chore. In fact, HyperLite Solid covers block 100% of UV light.

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