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Pool Fence San Diego, California

Are all removable pool fences created the same? I think the answer would be very simple and very complex. Are all cars created the same? The answer is a resounding “no”. We view cars as a projection of our self. Sporty for some while others prefer a more rugged off road projection. The common factor that I have to believe most adults look for in a car is safety. Sporty, rugged or even high mileage for low gas consumption…safety has to be a factor at some point.

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Automatic Pool Cover Naples, Florida

Automatic Pool Cover Florida

Have you ever heard of a house without a roof? Imagine trying to provide heat for a home with no roof. How efficient do you think that would be? The same exact concept applies to an automatic pool cover. Many people have heaters or heat pumps for their pool and attempt to keep their pools at a tolerable temperature during winter months but on a cool evening you can visually see the heat escaping from the pool just as you see the heat coming off the road just after a summer rain.

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Pool Safety Fence Dana Point California

California has been hit by the economic crisis in a very traumatic way however as the market recovers we are seeing a change in regards to what consumers are seeking when it comes time to purchase pool fence. The best price does not mean the best installer and for certain not the best product. Mr. Choi is a recent customer that comes to mind as he had just sold his last home and he readily admits he bought the cheapest pool safety fence he could find for his last house and three years later (two weeks ago),

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Miami Lakes, Florida

We wanted to say thank you to Dave of Pool Guard of Miami. He did an excellent job particularly since the pool fence went through the yard and down the pool deck. We elected to purchase the self closing pool fence gate and it works PERFECT. Thanks again.  M. Bulde

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Pool Fence Naples, Florida

As the snow birds start to wind down and pack up their things to return up north, the consistent population shifts into pool opening gear with spring just around the corner. The pool opening season is in direct correlation with pool safety season or pool safety fence season. Why? The first and most paramount reason is safety. Every pool owner (with or without children) should be considering the benefits of a removable pool safety

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Automatic Pool Cover Miami, Florida

Imagine turning a key to open the cover on your pool! Now imagine that very same key saving you an exponential amount of income in regards to your power bill from heating your pool. The DOA (Department of Energy) has completed a study showing the amazing amount of savings from having an automatic pool cover over your pool. The average return on investment for an automatic pool cover is about three years. This may sound like a long time but when you consider that you will have your pool for a lifetime as long you reside at the same residence,

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Pool Fence Tampa, Florida

Recently we had a customer contact us for a pool safety fence for their grandson. We arrived to the appointment only to be greeted by the grandson and the grandfather that was caring for him while his mother was at work during the day as a nurse. The grandfather was very inquisitive in regards to the pool fence as well as the pool safety net regarding the differences of installation and removal of each respective product,

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Pool Safety Cover Ponce, Puerto Rico

A recently purchased home that has not been occupied in some time can present a laundry list of things that need to be completed prior to moving in. Sometimes new homeowners simply do not want to work on the pool right away if it is not in operational condition however they need a safety solution in the event that their kids or other kids have access to the pool. A pool safety cover offers security and cleanliness in the event that the pool needs to be closed for a short or extended period of time.

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Dorado Ritz Carlton Reserve Pool Safety Fence, Puerto Rico

Pool safety is often a topic that is very important while at home but often times gets pushed to the back burner when on vacation as the excitement of travel, the increased attention of the parents on the kids because they are on vacation or relaxed atmosphere that is created from the vacation itself. Pool safety vigilance is of the utmost importance no matter the location. Recently the Ritz Carlton Reserve in Dorado Puerto Rico took an exceptional proactive stance in having pool safety fence installed at their villas for their vacationing clients.

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Replacement Commercial Pool Safety Covers

While we are battling the snow, ice and non-warm weather the one topic that tends to be furthest from our minds is the swimming pool. Spring season is coming upon us quickly and with that arrival of spring is the annual tradition of pool opening. The opening of the pool is usually a good time to inspect your pool safety cover for loose stitches, tears and excessive wear on the mesh. If you have a tear in the mesh that is by the straps you should certainly take the time to have that repaired prior to the next season.

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