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Vero Beach Florida Pool Drowning

We had a drowning in Vero Beach just a couple of weeks ago. A two year old boy scurried away from the sight of his adult supervision for just a few seconds and…This tragic incident happened in a very well to do neighborhood near the beach. Accidents can and do happen to ANYONE and EVERYONE. This is one ‘accident’ that we have a choice in preventing. We got a few extra calls for safety product estimates after citizens read the news in the paper,

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Green Pools for Earth Day

With the recent activity surrounding Earth Day, solar power for swimming pools was a topic found in several articles in the San Francisco bay area newspapers. There were also several articles about “natural” and “green” swimming pools and “ponds”. Global warming, going green, and being eco-friendly are terms that have gone main-stream.

It is wonderful to see the general population of our country embrace the need for change so a decent world exists to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

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Swimming Pool Safety Rules


Summertime is fast approaching. School will be out and vacation time begins. Be sure you have developed an Annual Spring Checklist for all the Safety concerns you want to avoid with the coming outdoor pool season.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips:

  • Be sure the list of Pool Rules is posted and updated and in an obvious place for all to see.

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Pool Safety Guidelines

Pool Safety 101

  • Pools should have layers of protection to prevent drowning
  • Fences and walls should be at least 4 feet high
  • Self-latching gates out of reach of children
  • Alarms on doors, pool covers, motion-detectors
  • Rescue equipment such as a pole, life ring etc.
  • A phone by the pool area
  • Pool area free from toys, chairs etc.

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Pool Safety Fence Research


It only takes a moment and a few inches of water to create a deadly combination, a child could drown. Don’t have a swimming pool? A pool fence should also enclose the area around a hot tub or outdoor spa area as well.

Before deciding which pool contractor to use we suggest: Call the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if there are any adverse comments or issues with the company,

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