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Swimming Pool Cover | Pool Maintenance Basics for Fall & Winter

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Swimming Pool Cover | Pool Maintenance Basics for Fall & Winter

The swimming pool cover is a vital component of pool safety. But, it also functions in preventing damage to the pool itself and expensive equipment. Preparing your pool and swimming pool cover for the colder months takes time and work but it’s a necessary task.

Follow these five steps to effectively winterize your swimming pool and swimming pool cover:

Clean Your Pool and Safety Pool Cover

  1. Clean both the swimming pool and the swimming pool cover. First, attach a pool brush to a telescopic pole and scrub the pool walls. Clean the floor thoroughly to remove any algae, debris, or dirt. Next, apply mild detergent to the pool cover, wet with a hose then scrub clean with the pool brush.

Check Your Water Chemistry Levels

  1. Test the pool’s water chemistry levels and adjust them to their proper ranges. Correctly balancing water in conjunction with the use of a swimming pool cover is key to keeping a clean pool.

Maintain the Proper Water Level

  1. Lower the swimming pool’s water level. Water expands when it freezes. This can cause damage to the pool. How much water to drain is determined by the type of pool cover you use. Typically, the water level should be below the tile border or bottom edge of the skimmer.

Drain Pool Equipment

  1. Drain the pool pump, filter, and heater. Removing all the water from each piece of equipment will prevent them from freezing and/or cracking.

Install Winter Pool Cover

  1. Finally, install the pool cover. It will shield your pool from harsh weather and falling debris and protect your family and pets from accidents. Maintain the tension on springs and straps.

To ensure you winterize your pool properly, apply these steps.

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