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Pool Guard Can Protect Any Pool

A Pool Guard removable pool safety fence can be beneficial to any type of pool owner. Our pool safety fences can be added to any kind of pool area. From simple to complex, flat deck or multi-level, indoor or outdoor, even if you have pets, a Pool Guard safety fence has you covered!
Pool Guard USA - Pool Safety Videos - How to Place Pool Deck Caps
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How to Place Pool Deck Caps

We show how easy it is to place your pool deck caps on after removing your pool safety fence.
Pool Guard USA - Pool Safety Videos - Removable Pool Safety Fence Transformation
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Removable Pool Safety Fence Transformation

Watch the difference between transforming a pool that has a pool safety fence, and without it.
Pool Guard USA - Pool Safety Videos - How to Easily Remove a Pool Safety Fence
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How to Easily Remove a Pool Safety Fence

Pool Guard USA shows how easy it is to remove a pool safety fence in this time-lapse video.

Pool Guard Dealer Videos

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Pool Cover Installation Time Lapse

With the use of computer-aided design (CAD), LA Pool Guard is able to reduce the amount of time needed to complete a pool cover installation. Our highly trained and experienced pool cover installers are quick, efficient, and clean. The process of installing your pool safety cover from the time we take the first measurements is only about 2-3 weeks.
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Locking Pool Fence

There are times when a locking pool safety fence is necessary because of local laws and ordinances. LA Pool Guard makes the pool fence installation process simple and easy. Our reliable custom pool safety fences can be installed around the shape of any pool and on practically any surface. Let LA Pool Guard’s pool fence expertise provide you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your kids and pets.
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How to Use a Pool Safety Cover

Removing your pool safety cover is an easy process. LA Pool Guard’s General Manager Tim Summerfield demonstrates how to properly use the tools included with every pool cover installation.
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John drilling in Pinecrest, FL.

John, one of our pool safety installers, drills holes for a pool safety fence.
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Installing a white fence with blue mesh!

The white absolutely blends in with the white house and deck, while the blue mesh looks extremely transparent with the blue water background!
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Pool Guard Standard Gate

LA Pool Guard General Manager Tim Summerfield explains why Pool Guard’s products are the best choice for pool safety fences.

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