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Cost of a Pool Fence | What You Need to Know

Pool Guard USA - Cost of a Pool Fence

The cost of a pool fence may deter pool owners from looking into purchasing one. But let’s see what the actual value is. We know having a swimming pool at home is beneficial to you and your family in a variety of ways. You can seek relief from summertime heat by taking a dip in refreshing water right in your own backyard. Furthermore, you don’t need to drive to a public pool or beach. And family and friends can come over for a day of fun recreation.

As much convenience and enjoyment as a backyard pool can bring, it also comes with an equal measure of responsibility. Part of being a good pool owner is keeping your family, pets, and guests protected around the open water. This is done by minimizing, or even eliminating, any risk factors that can lead to an accident.

Pool accidents aren’t just common, they can also be fatal. Drownings are one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths in the U.S. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, close to 3 out of 4 drownings for children occurred in home pools.

One surefire way to prevent avoidable accidents from happening around your pool is with proper security. The first line of defense begins with the installation of a pool safety fence. Safety fences restrict children and pets from gaining access to open swimming pools when there’s no adult supervision available. Additionally, most states mandate that a proper safety fence with a lockable gate be installed around every residential pool.

The cost of a pool fence can vary based on several factors. You can have a properly regulated fence installed for $1,500 to $2,700. Some of the variables impacting the cost of a pool fence include the following.

Fence Height Factors Into the Cost of a Pool Fence

The recommended height for a pool fence is four feet. Although, some people prefer even taller fences, up to 5’ in height. The taller the fence, the higher the cost of a pool fence.

Number of Gates

Two gates are typically enough access. This depends on the convenience desired as well as the pool orientation to the rest of the home. More gates equal a more costly installation.

Surface Type

The surface on which the fence will be installed affects the type of equipment and materials that will be used. Dirt, grass, or paver surfaces each have their own challenges. Additionally, labor requirements will factor into the total installation for the cost of a pool fence.

and finally…Pool design

Swimming pools with linear configurations are relatively easier to fence compared to those with custom or irregular shapes. In addition to the shape, the actual size of the pool will play a role in the price.

No matter what style of pool safety fence installation your budget allows, it’s about peace of mind. Knowing you’ve protected your loved ones and pets from avoidable accidents will be well worth the overall investment.

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