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Pool Guard of Las Vegas Brings Safety and Peace of Mind to Clark County Pool Owners

The Strip might be the most famous adult Disneyland in the world but, plenty of locals know Las Vegas and the surrounding area is also a great place to raise a family.

From cities like Henderson, Boulder City, and Paradise to neighborhoods like Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas, and Green Valley Ranch; there is place for everyone’s taste whether you love the night life or are looking for a quiet community close to nature you will find it here.

And, boasting six months a year with average temperatures above 80 degrees and virtually no rain, your desert dream likely comes with a swimming pool. It’s the perfect combination, family and a backyard swimming pool.

There is a dark side though, without proper pool safety equipment installed, your private desert oasis can turn into a nightmare in the time it takes to glance at a text.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages one through four and a professionally installed pool safety fence with a self-closing, self-latching pool safety gate is the absolute best way to prevent young children from accessing the pool without supervision.

What Kind of Pool Safety Fence Does Pool Guard of Las Vegas Offer?

Pool Guard of Las Vegas offers both Premium and Standard pool safety fence. Our premium safety fence comes in four- or five-foot heights and a variety of colors to match your outdoor décor.

Premium pool fence is constructed from interlocking mesh for the strongest, most see-through mesh on the market. Treated with UV protectants, Pool Guard premium pool safety fence is designed to look great and last for years. Our posts are reinforced, marine grade aluminum to create a strong, light weight fence.

For budget conscious pool owners, Pool Guard of Las Vegas offers Standard Pool Safety Fence. Our Standard pool fence is four feet in height and is constructed from textilene (non-interlocking) mesh. It boasts the same reinforced, marine grade aluminum posts making it a great option. Our Standard fence comes in several color combinations.

Both Premium and Standard pool fence can be installed in any type of pool decking. Pool Guard of Las Vegas can install your safety fence in concrete, brick pavers, stone, tile, and even lawn or sand. We have the experience to give you a professional installation regardless of the material your pool safety fence will be installed in.

What Should I Know About Pool Safety Gates Offered by Pool Guard of Las Vegas?

First and most importantly, a pool safety gate is essential for creating a functioning safety barrier to prevent little ones from accessing your pool. Pool Guard of Las Vegas offers safety gates that comply with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for self-closing, self-latching, lockable gates to be installed with every pool safety fence.

Pool Guard of Las Vegas gates are fully constructed here in the United States and are available in colors and mesh to perfectly match your safety fence choice. Using state of the art MagnaLatches and TruClose hinges, your pool safety gate will give you a smooth, automatic close and latch time after time.

Some companies will suggest using a removable section of fence as a “gate.” This leaves the literal door to the pool wide open. Imagine the pool service company rep who is “just running back to his truck for a second” and the toddler who slipped out the door in that same second. That’s all it takes. Invest in a pool safety gate and you will have complete peace of mind that this scenario will never happen.

How About Pool Covers, Are They Right for My Pool?

Yes, absolutely! A properly designed and fitted pool cover is a great pool safety option. Pool safety covers perform several functions beyond safety. By blocking up to 100% of UV radiation, they can significantly reduce water loss due to evaporation, a complete win here in hot, dry Vegas.

In addition to reduced evaporation, a pool safety cover can help retain heat in the pool, a bonus for keeping your pool warm even after cool desert nights.

Reducing UV radiation will also reduce algae growth, especially during those winter months when your pool is closed. Your pool cover will keep out debris, dirt, and dust keeping your pool crystal clean without extra effort. A pool safety cover is a true multi-tasker.

Pool Guard of Las Vegas offers safety covers in several materials, Secure-A-Pool light weight mesh, ProMesh heavy duty mesh, and HyperLite solid covers. Covers are available in green, blue, tan, and grey allowing you to choose the color that will best match your deck and surroundings.

We measure to exactly fit the contours of your pool whether rectangular, roman, or freeform. Water features such as rock formations and waterfalls are no problem. Using cabling systems and Secure-A-Gap padding we can secure any pool. Have a spa incorporated in your pool, no problem, we can cover that too.

Should I Choose a Pool Safety Fence or A Pool Safety Cover?

So, how do you choose what is better for you, a pool safety fence or a pool safety cover? Your choice really comes down to how you use your pool. Are you a family that is in the pool all the time, most of the year? Then a pool safety fence system with a pool safety gate is a great option for you.

You have the peace of mind that the pool is cut off from unsupervised access by the kids or your pets without the need to uninstall and reinstall a pool safety cover each time you want to go for a swim.

If you are an absentee owner or simply do not use your pool frequently, a pool safety cover may be the smart option for you. Safety covers can only be removed with a special installation bar making them virtually impossible to remove by anyone who gains unauthorized access to your pool.

Your cover will keep your pool clean and ready in between uses, meaning you’ll spend less time preparing your pool for a swim and more time swimming in it.

There is, of course, a third option and that is to use a combination of a pool safety fence and a pool safety cover.

This solution gives you the best of all worlds, safe, easy access to your pool during swimming season and full coverage of your pool during the off months. You get the maximum enjoyment from your pool with the minimum effort.

Give Pool Guard of Las Vegas a call today to set up your free estimate!

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