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Pool Fence Installation | The Two-Foot Rule That Safeguards Your Pool

Pool Guard USA - Pool Fence Installation

A majority of drownings in children under 5 occurred in pools owned by friends or family. This alarming trend is shared by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Knowing this, it is every pool owner’s responsibility to prevent accidental drownings. All pools should have barriers in place, including a pool fence installation.

In order for your pool fence to do its job effectively – proper positioning is a must. The pool safety fence should completely surround the pool and should block all access points to this area. Additionally, it should be placed a minimum of two feet from the water’s edge.

The two-foot rule of a pool fence installation is important for these two reasons – safety and maintenance.

Safety – Secure area allowance for swimmers coming out of the pool.

Set the pool gate two feet away from the pool’s edge. This allows swimmers to exit with ease.

“If someone is swimming and they begin to struggle, the first thing they want to do is get out of the water. However, if there’s a fence right at the edge of the pool, they’re going to be blocked from pulling themselves up to safety.”

“Installing the pool fence 24” back from the water’s edge can really save lives,” said Randy Veeser, Pool Guard’s South Florida dealer.

Maintainance – Create a safe work area and prevent wear and tear on your fence.

A correctly positioned pool security fence will grant adequate space for your pool service technician to work.

He can safely move about the deck area while cleaning and vacuuming the pool.
Otherwise, as Veeser noted, the technician would have to repeatedly lean over the pool fence installation which could cause wear and tear damage over time.

So, remember the Two-Foot Rule that gives you that critical leeway that can make all the difference.

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