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Pool Fencing Options | Learn Which is the Best Value

Pool Guard USA - Pool Fencing Options

When considering pool fencing options, where do you start? A pool fence can be a considerable investment in the safety of your pool environment. So, how do you determine which product among the many pool fencing options on the market is the best overall value for you and your family? With options ranging from glass, wood, wrought-iron, chain-link or mesh pool fencing – where do you start your pool safety journey? We will home in on the best pool fencing options for you using durability, cost and versatility as our benchmarks.

Pool Fencing Options – How Do They Measure Up

Glass Pool Fence

Durability – Made of tempered glass, it is designed to be difficult to shatter. There have been rare instances where dramatic temperature changes from extreme heat and extreme cold has caused fence to panels to break. Replacing glass panels can be costly. Glass must also be cleaned regularly to maintain its clarity.

Versatility – Glass fence definitely complements the poolside; however, it is not removable. Should you wish to have your pool deck completely clear for a pool party, deck cleaning, or really any reason, you are out of luck since glass pool fence is permanent and not removable.

Cost – This option can easily start from $10,000 and up.

Wood Fence

Durability – Wood fences used as pool fencing can fall prey to the chemicals in the pool water and the elements. Depending on where you live, wood fence may not have a very long lifespan and may be subject to rotting or warping. This fence will need regular waterproofing to increase its lifespan.

Versatility – Visibility of the pool area is paramount to safety and wood fence by its very nature will block a clear view of the pool. Wood fence is another permanent fence option.

Cost – From $3,000 to $10,000 +

Wrought Iron Fence

Durability – Wrought iron is very durable though over time in the wet pool environment corrosion can become an issue.

Versatility – Yet another permanent option, wrought iron cannot be temporarily removed. This pool fencing option has the added problem of being climbable by a child.

Cost – Up to $10,000+

Chain-link fence

Durability – Chain-link fence can be subject to rust if not treated properly beforehand. Regular contact with pool chemicals may increase the chance of corrosion.

Versatility – Chain-link will offer a fairly clear view of the pool area, but it is definitely not removable. Also, of all the pool fencing options, it is the most dangerous as it is very easy for a child to climb over. In fact, in many areas of the country chain-link fence will not pass code for pool fencing.

Cost – Up to $5000

Mesh Pool Fence

Durability – Pool Guard pool fence is strong, and made to withstand the elements. The mesh and border are treated with UV protectants to stand up to even the harshest environments. Powdered coated, marine-grade aluminum posts stand up to tough pool chemicals.

Versatility – Mesh pool fence is easily removable by an adult in under 20 minutes. With mesh designed to be completely see through, you will have an unobstructed view of both your pool and your yard beyond. As an added bonus, mesh pool fence is specifically designed to be non-climbable, ensuring kids will not gain access to the pool unattended.

Costs – On average under $3000 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and material.

Want to see what a mesh pool fence can look like at your home, take a look at our pool fences gallery to see the wide range of installation options using Pool Guard pool fence.

Of all the pool fencing options we have reviewed, mesh pool fence by Pool Guard is the best value for your money.

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