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Pool Safety Nets FAQs

Pool Guard pool safety nets are constructed with a Central Tensioning System (CTS). The CTS allows the pool net to be installed and maintained with the proper tension on the net material to ensure it is always above the water level of a correctly filled pool.

Your pool safety net should be stored in a dry location off the ground. A convenient net roller is available from your authorized Pool Guard dealer to store your net poolside when it is not in use.

Our specially designed CTS makes removing or reinstalling your pool safety net a snap. The average adult should be able to remove or install the pool net in just a few minutes.

The 3-inch rope spacing of the net material and the CTS make our Pool Guard safety net safe for children even if they should climb onto the installed net. The hole size prevents any child’s head from coming in contact with the water and the properly tightened CTS prevents the net from coming into contact with the surface of the water, even with weight on the net.

Pool safety nets are great for any backyard where an unobstructed view is desired. Whether your view is the sea, the mountains, or simply beautiful landscaping; a pool net will not interfere with your enjoyment of your special view. Additionally, many customers find greater peace of mind with a two-layer barrier system created by using a pool safety fence in conjunction with a pool safety net; particularly when there is a separate spa in the pool area.

Pool Guard pool safety nets have been independently tested and certified to meet or exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for pool safety barriers. Properly installed, your pool safety net can easily handle the weight of an average adult.

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