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Pool Opening | Checklist Must-Do’s

Pool Guard USA - Pool Opening

Pool opening season is here and this marks the time period to prep your pool “efficiently.” This is THE grand pool opening of the year and your pool has weathered it all. It’s endured heat, snow, rain, debris, and more – which have affected the condition of your pool’s entire environment. From top to bottom, every level of your swimming oasis needs attention. What does this mean? Your pool cover needs a heavy dose of TLC. Pool equipment needs to be cleaned and functional. And of course, the water needs to be tested, replenished and balanced. So, how do you approach this daunting task mindfully?

Before your pool opening can happen all of these items should be addressed. By performing a comprehensive and methodical pool opening process you can save money in the long run. Here’s a rundown of pool opening maintenance points you should include in your routine. These steps prepare you to create the ideal swim conditions. Additionally, they also incorporate ways to maintain costly pool equipment.

Pool Opening Steps:

  1. Remove Pool Cover
    Don’t just take the pool safety cover off without cleaning it first. Debris can fall into the pool and further degrade the quality of the water. Avoid contaminants from running off into the water. First, brush off debris. Secondly, use a pool cover pump to suck up that stagnant water. Thirdly, find a buddy to help you take off the cover. Move it away from the pool, clean it, dry it and put it away.
  2. Check Pool Equipment
    Take a full account of the equipment and it’s condition. Clean the pool pump, filter, drains, and water heater. Remove any blockages. Test the equipment.
  3. Water Quality
    It’s time to break out the skimmer and fish for leaves and anything else floating in there. Brush off pool surfaces and vacuum the pool floor. Test your pool water to check the levels of chlorine, the ph balance of the water (alkaline), algae and calcium build up. Shock the pool and balance the water.
  • Safety Barriers – A Pool Opening requirement many overlook
    Make sure your pool barrier is in good condition. Whether you use a pool net, pool safety cover, or pool safety fence, always make pool safety a priority.

This summer make your pool opening routine flawless. With these simple pointers you can enjoy your pool for a long time while keeping a healthy pocket book.

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