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Pool Protection Fence | Guidelines

Pool Guard USA - Pool Protection Fence | Guidelines

A pool protection fence must meet certain specifications to meet strict safety codes. Pool protection fence regulations differ from location to location. Therefore, keep this in mind when you take into account your local laws and home owner’s insurance policy. That being said, here are a few criteria to take note of when selecting your fence.

Pool Protection Fence Guidelines

Whether you have pets or children, a pool protection fence has a minimum height requirement that must be met. This varies in size based on where you live. The most popular sizes are between 4 to 5 feet high. Check your local pool fence laws to verify the height. For example, California may have a 5-foot minimum for most cities, while Florida may only have a 4-foot minimum.

Handholds or footholds
Just because the pool security fence creates a barrier, it doesn’t mean it can’t be scaled. How can a pool fence be climbable? With a handhold or foothold. These gaps in the structure of the pool fencing allow for leverage that a child can climb. Think about a chain-link fence and how inviting it is to scale. Or, consider the space between a vinyl fence.

Self-latching gate
Pool fencing should have a self-closing and self-latching gate. Additionally, the position of this locking system is meant to be above the reach of small children. In some cases, the locking mechanism should be 54 inches above the ground.

Wood or concrete barriers are not acceptable materials for a pool fence in some places.

In general, the pool safety fence should be 3 feet away from the pool. If it’s too close, it could block exiting the pool easily.

ASTM Certified
Check to see that the pool gate is ASTM certified. The American Standards for Testing and Materials sets the guidelines for safety.

Looking for a pool protection fence that is customizable and hits all the marks? Consider a Pool Guard mesh pool fence. With over 20 years of making pools safe for families, we know what it takes to keep your loved ones safe.

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