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Pool Safety Net | 4 Reasons It Weaves a Web of Protection

Why should you consider a pool safety net as an absolute must-have pool equipment?

Each year, more than 350 children from the ages of 1 to 14 die from drowning in pools and spas. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep your youngster safe around your swimming pool. One way to ensure your pool’s security is with the installation of a protective barrier like a pool safety net.

pool safety net

See why a pool safety net is an obvious choice for pool safety needs.

Durability – How does a pool net cover protect your child?

The American Society for Testing and Materials tests and certifies that pool nets meet their standards for strength and durability. Therefore, the construction of pool protection nets will prevent young children from falling into pools.

First, pool safety nets hold up to 485 pounds of weight. Second, a pool safety net’s openings are three to four inches in diameter. This prevents a child’s head or body from going through the netting. A pool safety net will withstand the weight of someone who accidentally falls on it.

Adaptability – Pool safety barrier that is adaptable and easy to use.

Additionally, pool safety nets are lightweight, making for easy removal and reinstallation. The entire process can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Functionality – Pool safety equipment that is ready for any occasion.

Moreover, a pool safety net cover allows the view of your backyard pool and deck area to be unobstructed. Clearly, this feature makes it a great option for families. The pool net stretches across the open water and forms a tightly woven web. It anchors in place around the sides of the pool with stainless steel hooks.

pool safety net

Childproof – Pool protection designed to be tamper-resistant.

The pool safety net’s Central Tensioning System (CTS) cinches the center of the net tight. This is done through a series of pulleys, ratchets, and ropes. This method of tightening makes it nearly impossible for a young child to remove the pool net cover.

“As long as the CTS is installed properly and adjusted to its optimal set point – it’s childproof. A child won’t be able to remove the hooks from the anchors,” said Jason Nash, Pool Guard’s Puerto Rico dealer.

With its ease of use and tested strength, a pool net is a surefire security barrier for protecting your family.


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