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Spring Break Pool Safety Tips

Spring Break Pool safety should be the foremost thought for pool owners with children.

As this season marks the beginning of pool season for many, you may find yourself hosting that anxiously awaited pool party. With the upcoming pool festivities, Spring Break pool safety should never be an afterthought.

Yes, you have the lounge chairs, towels, sunscreen, and floaties on standby. But have you considered safety?

Create a VIP Spring break pool experience by remembering the following safety tips:

Supervision –
Make sure someone is designated at all times. They should know not to leave their post until they have another committed adult ready to take over.

Swimming experience –
Don’t assume everyone has basic swimming experience. Ask your guests what their level of swim experience is. Make sure those supervising know who the beginners are.

Involve the swimmers –
Ask experienced swimmers to keep an eye on less proficient swimmers. They must be cautious not to draw them into dangerous situations. Back up your Spring Break pool security with an extra set of eyes.

Check your water chemistry levels –
If you just opened the pool, make sure to check the water chemistry. Too much chlorine will burn the eyes or irritate the skin. Too little will not kill germs. Spring break pool safety includes the health of your water.

Pool barrier –
Add another layer of protection with a removable pool fence. As tempting as a pool party may be, a pool barrier will prevent tiny ones from accidentally falling in.

If a pool fence is the only thing on this list that you don’t have yet, we have you covered. A Pool Guard removable pool safety fence can be installed within hours and stays on guard 24/7! It’s also easily removable. So, when you are confident proper supervision is in place, you can take it down and store it within minutes.

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