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Tips on Cutting Pool Maintenance Costs

Pool maintenance costs – let’s break it down and see where you can save. Pool owners love their pools…but not the pool maintenance costs that go with them. You can spend anywhere from $75 – $300 and up monthly, depending on the services required!

Where does your money go? Services like filter cleaning, heater maintenance, drain cleaning, vacuuming, chlorine wash, closing and opening your pool, and more. Pool maintenance costs all add up. So, what can you do to keep your expenses to a minimum?

Pool Maintenance Cost-Saving Tips:

  • Utilize a Pool Cover – this equipment is a powerhouse! The right pool cover can go a long way. A Pool Guard pool cover keeps debris out, conserves water, minimizes the number of UV rays that can affect pool chemicals, and helps in temperature control. All of this will cut down on the time-consuming task of pool cleaning. This will aid in keeping pool maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • Cut down on energy use – Look into using a variable speed pump. They are energy efficient – saving up to 90% in energy cost and may come with a rebate. You can further cut down on energy usage by running your pump for 8 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Equipment and chemical care – The sun’s UV rays can break down or wear away on chemicals, skimmers, pool vacuums, etc. Store them away from the sun’s damaging rays and prolong the life of your equipment.
  • Prevent wear on your pool – maintain a regular pool cleaning schedule. This is where debris removal, running the pump & chemical testing all come into play to maintain a healthy pool environment. You don’t want sludge, calcium build-up, or pool plaster damage to occur. This would only cost you more. Control pool maintenance costs with regular cleaning.

If you are feeling the pinch in your pocketbook and looking for a high-quality pool cover, start with us. Our Pool Guard pool covers not only multi-task but also comes with a warranty.

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