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Types of Pool Fences

Pool fences ensure safe usage and give the pool an aesthetically pleasing look. To get the most out of this simple yet important invention, you must be familiar with the different types of pool fences and their features.
For that purpose, we created this comprehensive guide, combining all types in one place. As a bonus, we have some expert tips on how to find the perfect match for your home.

Types of Pool Fences
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Types of Pool Fences

If you own a pool or plan to build one in your backyard, you must know the different pool fence types and their pros and cons. Three criteria are used for dividing the types of pool fences:

  • Construction type
  • Materials
  • Style

Construction type

Pool fence types can be divided into removable and permanent. Removable pool fences are specially designed so that you can install them when you need them and safely store them away when you are not using them.
Removable pool fences offer great flexibility and are easy to maintain. They are excellent for pool owners who need fences for temporary use.
One example is the mesh pool fence. The best mesh pool fences are durable, affordable, and easy to install and maintain, all while offering enhanced security to the pool area.
Conversely, permanent pool fences provide constant safety around the pool. Once installed, they can’t be removed and reinstalled without special tools or professional assistance. Some fixed pool fences, such as stone and hedges, cannot be reused once demolished.

Pool fences materials

Various materials can be used to construct pool fences. The material itself will determine the fence’s appearance, durability, and functionality.
So, what materials are commonly used for pool fences? There is a large selection of options available, with the most popular being:

  • PVC
  • Tubular steel
  • Mesh
  • Wrought iron
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Stone

Each material has its unique pros and cons. One of the safest and easiest to maintain is interlocking mesh. Our premium interlocking mesh solution is robust and can be customized to fit any shape. Plus, it is practical; you can easily install it during the swimming season and remove it when you don’t need it.

Pool Fences Materials
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Pool fence styles

Are there different styles of pool fences available besides the construction type and the materials? Luckily, there is an extensive list of pool fence styles, each offering a unique touch to your backyard and house architecture. The pool fence styles range from modern, minimalist, and frameless designs to more traditional and decorative choices.

Why Do You Need a Pool Fence?

There are multiple reasons why you must install a pool fence.

Compliance with regulations

Many states require a fence or other type of barrier around every outdoor in-ground pool. In some regulations, pool fences are mandatory for pools with a certain depth; in others, every pool must have one. If you choose us at Pool Guard, we will ensure the fencing solution meets all local laws and regulations while providing the highest safety for your loved ones.


Whether you are building a residential or commercial pool, safety is paramount. Pool accidents happen more frequently than you might imagine. Due to this, pool fences act as a layer of security, potentially preventing injuries and drowning.
Pool fences are installed to enhance the safety of the bypassers and pool users. Fences enhance pool safety by restricting unauthorized or unsupervised access to the pool area and preventing unwanted accidents. Pool fences help reduce the risk of accidental falls and drownings, all while controlling access to the water.

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Enhanced privacy

Some types of pool safety fences add privacy to your recreational area. Depending on the material and height, pool fences create a visual barrier blocking the view outside. This feature of the pool fences is important for owners who want privacy from their neighbors or have a pool in the front yard close to the street.

Insurance discounts

You might also reduce your home insurance premium if you have a pool fence. As pool fences are considered a safety feature, you might save money on your insurance costs.
Installing the best type of pool fence will prove to your insurance company that you have a proactive risk management plan, and they will most likely offer a discount. For some insurance policies, pool fences are mandatory if you don’t want financial liability, as the insurance provider will cover pool-related accidents.

How to Choose a Pool Fence Type

Once you know what are the different types of pool fences available, it will be time to choose one. With our professional advice, that will be easy.
The types of fences should be carefully picked according to your needs and preferences. The factors you should consider when choosing a pool fence include:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Maintenance


Every pool fence type offers a certain level of security and protection. For instance, glass and mesh pool fences are both climb-resistant.
However, they differ as glass pool fences have wind protection, while mesh and other types of fences, such as aluminum, aren’t used as a barrier for wind. Consequently, the type of pool fence you should choose will depend on your individual safety needs and preferences.


Not all types of pool fences have the same durability. You should focus on the material quality and construction durability. One of the most important considerations when choosing a material is its resistance to harsh weather conditions. Opt for sturdy, rust-resistant pool fences, which are one of the most robust options.


The appearance and design of the pool fence are crucial if you want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect. Every type of pool fencing comes in specific designs, with mesh being one of the most versatile choices.
Our superior mesh is available in black, bronze, blue, and beige, guaranteeing it will complement your backyard and house appearance. You can also choose between different black, bronze, sand, grey, and white fence poles to make your fencing eye-catching.


The type of pool fence you pick must be within your budget. The total cost of the pool fencing will depend on the materials it will be made of and the installation fees. Remember that even if you are on a tight budget, you should never sacrifice quality and safety.


Like pools, fences require maintenance and inspection. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of fences and ensures their effectiveness.
If you don’t have much time to dedicate to pool fence maintenance, you should eliminate glass and wooden fences from your list. Instead, consider less demanding options such as mesh and vinyl fences, which can be power-washed.

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There are different types of pool fences to meet everyone’s safety and aesthetic requirements. Each style and material offers unique benefits. When deciding between various options, consider factors such as safety, maintenance, cost, durability, and appearance.
The fence will provide you with peace of mind while you use the pool area. If you want industry leaders to make and install a high-quality mesh pool fence with a limited lifetime warranty, schedule a free estimate today.

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