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Baby Gate Pool Fence 5 Safety Features

Pool Guard USA - Baby Gate Pool Fence

Have a toddler and a pool … then it’s time to brush up on your baby gate pool fence basics.

Fun around the family pool should be child’s play but pool safety isn’t. Whether you are a parent or grandparent, drowning prevention is the leading priority if you own a pool. Yes, adult supervision ranks top on the list of avoiding unfortunate accidents. But, you need a baby gate pool fence as your primary line of defense. With this type of child pool safety fence installed, you have that extra layer of security year-round, 24/7.

The importance of a baby gate pool fence is not to be taken for granted. From common misconceptions to critically overlooked details – let’s take a look at what vital facts you may be missing.

Baby Gate Pool Fence Dangerous Oversights

  • Doesn’t everyone who has a child and a pool have a baby gate pool fence?
    In the year when families stayed home, drowning shockingly increased! According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in 2021 nonfatal drownings rose by 17%. Keep in mind, this happened when more people were staying home. Parents were taxed for time (working, food runs, making sure kids were studying). It only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen. Placing a baby gate pool fence around the entire perimeter of the pool helps with drowning prevention.
  • Not all pool fences are equal. Not all perform up to the highest standards of safety.
    Pool fences come in many types. From chain link, vinyl, and wood. There are two things to note here: scalability and access. Can a child place a tiny hand or foot between a gap or slot? And how easily can the gate be opened? Our Pool Guard baby gate pool fence is not climbable. Furthermore, it uses a dual safety lock. Our fences use the award-winning toddler-resistant Magna Latch.
  • Aren’t pool alarms and/or pool safety wear-on accessories enough?
    Timing is everything. Flotation devices like belts and vests are great aids when children are at play in the pool. Unfortunately, these take preparation to put on. They do not prevent accidental drownings. Alarms are a good second line of protection. Additionally, you need to be within earshot to hear it and be quick to respond. Check out more on these products and how they perform with our Pool Safety Guide Pool Guard USA - Guide to Drowning Prevention Products

So, how do you hone in on a baby gate pool fence that meets all the safety requirements?

Here’s a quick checklist of the 5 Safety features a Baby Gate Pool Fence must have

  • The baby pool fence must meet ASTM Standards.
    Make sure the child pool fence is ASTM certified. ASTM is previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials. They set the standards for safety on many products, the mesh pool fence is one of them. Our Pool Guard pool fence meets the ASTM Standards for the removable mesh pool fence.
  • It should not be Scalable.
    It bears repeating, the inground pool fence must not have a handhold/foothold. This goes under the ASTM bucket. A pool safety fence will not have gaps where a child’s foot or hand can go in. Gaps like these provide leverage to scale over the fence. Fences like chain link fences with honeycomb spacing in between are an example of what to look out for. Another example would be vertical gaps between vinyl or wood panels.
  • Pool Gate Door (Child Proof Lock)
    You want the MagnaLatch® dual locking system. This award-winning lock keeps little ones out.
  • Visibility – Our mesh pool fence provides clear visibility while providing safety. It’s also quite durable.
  • Custom height – The average height for a pool fence is 4 feet. This height requirement can vary by a city’s safety code. Our fences are custom-made to fit your area’s required height.

At Pool Guard USA we’ve been making pool safe for kids for over 20 years. Let us help you secure your pool.


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