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Pool Safety Guide | Drowning Prevention Products

Ensuring pool safety for kids and pets is critical. When assessing these products, you must differentiate between those that provide full protection versus only some benefits. Some pool safety products look good at a glance but really leave the possibility for a tragic accident to occur. The following guide will help you navigate through the full benefits of the kinds of pool safeguarding equipment available.

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Flotation Devices – Personal Gear

A necessary part of any pool safety plan, flotation aids (like belts and vests) aid kids while they are swimming. Life rings, buoys, and even emergency bracelets add only a minimal layer of protection.

Require planning to use and can only be deployed if someone is supervising the pool. They do not prevent accidental drowning.

Pool Alarms – Time-sensitive Pool Monitoring Equipment

There are two types of alarms on the market – door/gate alarms and water displacement sensors. Both will sound the alarm. The door/gate alarm will go off when the door is opened. The water displacement sensor will sound off when it detects a certain amount of water displacement.

You must be close enough to hear the alarm, and then fast enough to respond. These do not prevent accidental drowning.

Pool Barriers – Pool Safety Options

A pool barrier’s function is to prevent accidental drownings by blocking the pool itself from people and pets. Options include pool fences, anchored pool covers, and anchored pool nets.

Pool Safety Fences
Great for easy, regular access to the pool, while maintaining security around it. The safest kind will include a self-closing and latching gate and child-proof safety latches. Furthermore, they will not be climbable by curious little ones.

Anchored Pool Covers
They not only provide security but also assist with pool maintenance. Capable of supporting the weight of the largest adult, it also keeps leaves and debris out.

Not all covers are equal! Standard, non-anchored pool covers provide no safety benefit at all.

Pool Security Nets
In sunny climates, pool nets provide all the safety benefits of a cover while also allowing the sun to assist in warming the pool.

All are removable for storage and use. They only work when in place and properly secured.

Pool protective products are never a substitute for adult supervision. Please supervise your swimming pool when children are present.

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