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Baby Pool Fence | Essential Information

Pool Guard USA - Baby Pool Fence | Essential Information

A baby pool fence is an indispensable layer of security for families with pools. This is especially true if you have children under 5 years old. Therefore, don’t fall into a false sense of security because someone is home “watching the baby”. While daily distractions of putting the groceries away or prepping meals take up your attention, that’s when tragedy strikes.  A child can easily make their way out “unnoticed” and slip in the pool if a baby pool fence is not in place.

Did you know…the risk of drowning in the home pool or spa is actually higher than in a public pool!

Between 2019 and 2021, statistics show that 73% of non-fatal drownings involved children under 5 years old – at a home. Non-fatal drownings in a public setting accounted for 27% (for this same age group). Avoid being a statistic and install a baby pool fence.

So, how do you select the best baby pool fence among the many choices out in the market?

Here is our Baby Pool Fence Fence Essential Features checklist:

ASTM Standards – Make sure the baby pool fence is ASTM certified. ASTM is previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials. They set the standards for safety on many products, the mesh pool fence is one of them. Our Pool Guard pool fence meets the ASTM Standards for the removable mesh pool fence.

Handhold/foothold – A pool safety fence will not have gaps where a child’s foot or hand can go in. Gaps like these provide leverage to scale over the fence. Fences like chain link fences with spacing in between are an example of what to look out for.

Visibility – Our mesh pool fence provides clear visibility while providing safety. It’s also quite durable.

Pool Gate Door (Child Proof Lock) – Our pool gate lock uses the MagnaLatch® dual locking system. This award-winning lock keeps little ones out.

Custom height – The average height for a pool fence is 4 feet. This height requirement can vary by a city’s safety code. Our fences are custom-made to fit your area’s required height.

At Pool Guard USA we’ve been making pool safe for kids for over 20 years. Let us help you secure your pool.

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