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Pool Guard of Miami-Dade Is Here for You Miamians

Miami-Dade, the playground of the rich and famous and home to many, is renowned for its stunning homes and breathtaking pools. We do “pool living” with “style”, whether your house is a grand seaside retreat or a solid family home in the suburbs.

And after a day sampling Cubanos in Little Havanna or relaxing on South Beach, what’s better than a steamy Miami pool party? With an average low temperature of 70 degrees, there are no bad pool days here.

With so much carefree living in this tropical paradise, it can be easy to forget a backyard swimming pool is a hazard to children, pets, and even many adults. Children aged four and under are at particular risk of accidental drowning.

Accidental drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for this age group. A proper safety barrier around your pool goes a long way to preventing tragedy. Pool Guard of Miami-Dade knows “pool living” done right, and we do this by installing “SAFETY”.

Pool Guard of Miami-Dade pool safety fences, pool safety nets, and pool safety covers are always on duty.

Pool Guard Pool Safety Fence is the Benchmark in Pool Safety

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a four-sided barrier at least four feet in height that children are unable to climb and also is equipped with a self-closing, self-latching gate is the most effective way to reduce accidental drownings. Pool Guard pool safety fences and safety gates create exactly this barrier for your pool, and they do it with style.

Our interlocking, UV-resistant premium mesh is easy to see through giving you an unparalleled sight line to your pool and the view beyond your pool. It comes in color combinations that make designing a safety fence to blend in with your aesthetic simple, our fence even comes in a blue and white option that is perfect in Miami’s tropical setting.

Pool Guard safety fence is durable, and lab-tested, to ensure it will stand up to the extreme weather in South Florida. Our fence is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials. Pool Guard of Miami-Dade warrants their installation under normal wear conditions.

Pool Guard of Miami-Dade Pool Safety Covers Offer Superior Coverage

Even in Miami, a pool safety cover can be a great piece of pool safety equipment. Pool Guard of Miami-Dade pool covers are rated to hold up to 485 lbs., that’s the combined weight of two average size adults and one child. This is the exact recommendation of the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) to accommodate safe rescue if a child or animal were to fall or wander onto the cover.

Once your Pool Guard dealer takes exact measurements of your pool, the factory employs CAD software to create the perfect snug cover to fit your pool. A tight fit ensures no entry gaps anywhere along the perimeter of your pool. A snug fit also means the majority of dust and debris is kept out of the pool keeping it cleaner and freer of algae than an uncovered pool.

Safety covers are constructed from either mesh (two weights are available) or solid material. Mesh covers allow rainwater to pass through into the pool, solid covers come equipped with either a central drain or a pump to prevent water from puddling on the cover and presenting its hazard. Simply keep an eye on the overall water level of the pool and drain when necessary.

Pool Guard pool safety covers are ASTM F1346-91 certified and backed by an up to 15-year warranty depending on the material. For more information on our safety covers, call Pool Guard of Miami-Dade.

Pool Safety Nets Are an Option Too

Pool Guard of Miami offers pool safety nets for pool owners who prefer zero obstruction to their view but still need a strong safety barrier. Our custom pool safety nets can hold over 400 lbs. and are constructed with netting treated with UV-stabilized inhibitors to resist degrading over time.

Our safety nets come in a variety of colors and with a variety of anchor colors to match your pool deck and are ASTM-certified.

I Want a Safety Fence for My Grandkids, But I Don’t Want it Up All the Time

Need to protect the grandkids even though they are only at your house a few weeks a year, no problem. Our pool safety fences are versatile, strong, and safe when installed and easily removable by the average adult in about 20 minutes or less. It’s simple to install your fence when the kids are on the way and pop it back out after they leave.

Of course, being made of transparent mesh that allows you to easily see through it to the pool and beyond, you may find you like the added safety of keeping your fence installed at all times. Our mesh fencing does not interfere with your pool’s appearance.

What About Hurricanes?

Florida is no stranger to severe weather and Miami is no exception. Hurricanes are an all too familiar fact of life here in Southern Florida, so it is natural to wonder how you should treat your pool safety equipment in the face of an impending storm.

A tightly fitted pool safety cover or safety net should weather all but the worst of storms. A safety cover will make your post-storm clean-up easier.

That said, large debris such as tree limbs, lawn and patio furniture, grills, and even debris from houses may puncture and tear your cover if it takes a direct hit. We encourage you to evaluate your particular situation when deciding whether to remove or leave your cover or net ahead of a storm.

The pool safety fence is a bit of a different story. While your fence will handle the average afternoon thunderstorm or tropical storm, it is not designed to stand up to sustained hurricane-force winds.

We suggest you put removing and storing your pool safety fence and gate/s as one of the final items on your hurricane prep list. Each section of your fence should be rolled and stored standing inside a sturdy structure, the garage is perfect if you have the space.

Pool Guard of Miami-Dade Dealer Territory

In this major hub of Florida, some of the cities we serve in Miami-Dade are:

  • Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Coral Gables
  • Hialeah
  • Aventura
  • Homestead
  • Cutler Bay
  • Princeton
  • Sweetwater

Whether you are making the most of swim season or hunkering down for heavy weather, our pool barriers are easy to install and remove. Living in this tropical climate, pool owners appreciate the ideal climate for swimming parties, socializing by the pool, and perhaps even water polo.

Making pool safety a priority to ensure everyone is having a fun and safe time by installing a pool safety fence is an investment in a worry-free pool ownership experience.

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Will the pool fence poles bend?

One of the questions we hear at Florida Pool Fences is will our fence poles bend?
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Can the Florida Pool Fences safety fence be attached to my house?

We are frequently asked if we can attach the pool safety fence to the house rather than complete a loop around the pool.
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Does Florida Pool Fences clean up when we are done?

Unfortunately, not everybody washes away the cement dust when they are done installing a pool safety fence. When it’s left on your deck, it bakes into the surface, while it’s not impossible to get out, it’s not easy. Hopefully, a little bit of effort on our part will go a long way with you.
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Florida Pool Fences is fully licensed and insured.

There are a lot of scam artists and contractors that take the shortcut in South Florida. Unfortunately, if they are not licensed and insured you, the homeowner, are at risk. Florida Pool Fences is fully licensed and insured.
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What does Florida Pool Fences brown (bronze) premium pool fence look like?

We show what a brown (bronze) pool safety fence looks like, fully installed.
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How do you put the safety pool fence back up with on pools that have angles or curves?

Most of the customers don’t realize that when we install our safety pool fences we do not drill the holes at a perfect 90 degrees (straight up and down). When the fence goes around corners and there are angles to the pool we actually drill the holes at an angle. This is done because when the fence is pulled tight, it needs to pull all of the pulls straight up, not leaning over. But knowing how to reinstall the fence will make life easier and this video will show you how.
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How far away from the water’s edge is the fence placed?

How far away from the water’s edge is the fence placed? This has to be one of the most asked questions that we receive. The answer is we can put it where ever you want if you are not going to get an inspection. However, if it is up to us, we put the fence 24 inches from the water’s edge. This video will explain why.
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Should I take down the safety pool fence before a hurricane comes?

Florida Pool Fences suggest that you always take out your fence before any kind of storm. Roll it up and store it in your garage.
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How does Florida Pool Fences secure loose pavers for a pool fence installation.

Nearly half of the homes that we install our pool fence in have loose pavers. That can be a big problem because the base of the fence needs to be strong and sturdy in order to keep the fence stable and still. This video will show you exactly what we do to fix that situation.

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