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Pool Safety Solutions by Pool Guard of Jacksonville

The Jacksonville, Florida area is “the” laidback big city in the South. The region has so much to offer its residents, you can surf at Jacksonville Beach, play a round at the PGA famous TPC Sawgrass golf course in Ponte Vedra Beach, head out to a Jaguars game, or visit one of the parks in Jacksonville’s public park system, the largest in the nation.

And, because the weather here is gorgeous, you can wind down by your backyard swimming pool when your busy day is through. Pool Guard of Jacksonville wants to make your swimming pool experience as laid back as the Jacksonville lifestyle.

Why is Pool Safety So Important in Jacksonville?

Florida has more single-family homes with inground swimming pools than any other state in the country, that’s a lot of swimming pools. Residents of Jacksonville, Florida know, that because of the sheer number of pools, their state ranks first in accidental drownings of children four and under.

That’s why the State of Florida has some of the strictest swimming pool barrier codes of any state. Our homeowners are serious about keeping their kids safe.

The accepted standard for substantially reducing accidental drownings, especially for kids under four, is for every pool to be protected by a four-sided barrier at least four feet in height that children are not able to climb and is equipped with a self-closing, self-latching, lockable gate.

Pool Guard of Jacksonville’s Offerings

At Pool Guard, we provide a range of premium and standard pool safety fences, thoughtfully priced to suit various budgets. Our expert team can tailor a safety fence to enclose any pool, regardless of the deck surface or pool shape. Whether you have a complex pool layout, bird cages, paver decks, or even grass surroundings, our experienced installers have got you covered.

Additionally, our pool safety fences come in a diverse selection of color combinations, and the specialists at Pool Guard of Jacksonville will assist you in selecting the ideal color combination to complement your unique pool setting.

When it comes to pool safety, gates are an absolute necessity, often mandated by local codes. Our safety gates are designed to be self-closing, self-latching, and lockable, ensuring that there’s no chance of accidentally leaving the gate open.

By pairing our safety fence with our self-closing and self-latching gate, you’ll have the most effective pool safety barrier on the market, offering peace of mind and protection for your family against accidental drownings.

In addition to safety fences and gates, Pool Guard of Jacksonville is proud to offer pool safety covers and pool safety nets. Our product range is designed to meet your unique preferences and requirements for enhancing pool security.

We understand that every pool owner has distinct needs, and we’re committed to providing the right pool safety solution to meet those needs.

Pool Guard of Jacksonville Offers Winter Pool Covers and Safety Nets

While it doesn’t last very long, Jacksonville does have its winter season when unless you are doing a polar bear plunge, your pool is not being used. You might want to consider a winter cover for your pool in addition to your safety fence.

A safety cover for your pool reduces, and depending on the cover material, eliminates UV rays. This can lower water evaporation and usage substantially. By limiting UV rays in the off-season, you are also limiting algae growth and chemical usage, further saving you time and money. A well-fitted cover will keep dust and debris out of your pool when it is not in use.

Pool safety covers function as a second line of defense against unsupervised access to your backyard pool during the winter when the pool is the last thing on your mind. It’s added insurance against accidents when no one is watching.

Might A Pool Safety Net Be Right for Me? Pool safety nets can be a viable solution if you don’t tend to use your pool frequently or you have one of those views where you want no distractions to the sightline, such as you find at many beachfront properties.

Pool Guard pool safety nets come in beige, black, or blue with a choice of a variety of color anchors to match your pool deck. We also offer brass pool net anchors for tough environments like the salty seaside.

The one thing to remember with a pool safety net is it does have to be removed before and reinstalled after every swim session to make it an effective safety barrier. If you are more than an occasional swimmer, might be inconvenient as a primary pool barrier.

Like a pool safety cover, however, a pool safety net makes an excellent second layer of protection for the off-season or any time you will be away from your home.

Pool Safety Solutions for Pets

We recommend at least four-foot fencing for every pool to prevent unauthorized access to the water even if you don’t have kids in your home, but we realize that does not work for everyone and we know many pets are not able to swim and even if they do swim, they may not be able to get out of the pool without help.

Pool Guard is happy to offer pet pool safety fencing at any height you require to keep your pets safe. Pet pool fencing is constructed from the same material as our premium pool fence.

We suggest at least a 24-inch height fence for small dogs such as Yorkies and French bulldogs. This height safely keeps your fur babies out of the pool and is tall enough to not present a tripping hazard for people.

For larger dogs, or dogs who jump well, three to four feet in height is usually sufficient. At this height, you can even add a safety gate to make your access to the pool easy. We’ve got you and your four-legged family covered.

Areas Served by Pool Guard of Jacksonville

Pool Guard of Jacksonville serves areas in Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Camden, Charlton, Clay, Duval, Gadsden, Glynn, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Taylor, Union, and Wakula counties including the cities of:

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Bryceville
  • Callahan
  • Fernandina Beach
  • Macclenny
  • Orange Park
  • Ponte Vedra Beach
  • St. Augustine
  • St. Johns
  • Yulee

At Pool Guard of Jacksonville, your pool safety is our top priority. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive pool safety solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today to get a free quote on your pool safety system!

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