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Pool Guard of Palm Beach boasts top-of-the-line pool safety fences, safety nets, and covers that blend in perfectly with any pool. With over 20 years of making pools safe in PB, we understand our select clients’ needs.

Our Pool Guard dealer knows that Palm Beach is all about luxury living, which is why we offer pool barriers that mesh well with all pool designs and landscapes.

Is your swimming pool situated on gravel, tile, sandy terrain, or cement? Our expert pool fence installers are equipped to tackle all types of surrounds.

Need to maintain your oasis’ panoramic views? Our mesh pool fence design leaves your views practically unobstructed. From whatever vantage point you choose, your vista is clear to enjoy those gorgeous Palm Beach sunsets.

How durable are our products? Our pool safety fences will not rust or corrode, something to take special note of in this area right by the sea. And, it has the ASTM seal of approval for pool safety. Our pool net mesh is UV-stabilized to prevent shrinkage, deterioration, and fading.

So, who needs a pool barrier? Everyone with a pool. Most pool owners assume only children and pets need to be protected around a pool. But in Palm Beach County, in 2022, drowning deaths increased by 91% …most of these were adults.

Don’t take pool safety for granted.

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Palm Beach is a mecca for swimming pools. With an enviable swim season ranging from March through November, the pool is a focal point for fun and rest, and relaxation.

Our pool safety products dealer serves Palm Beach and Palm Beach County and…

  • Boca Raton
  • Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • Delray
  • Lake Worth
  • Boynton Beach

Pool Safety Products We Offer

Removable Pool Safety Fence – When the situation arises, a Pool Guard pool fence can easily be taken down in a matter of minutes.

Customized pool safety barrier – Whether you choose a pool fence, pool cover, or net, we have a color that fits your outdoor décor flawlessly.

World-class customer service – From estimate to installation, we take care of it all. Our products and workmanship are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Pool Guard of Palm Beach Videos

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Does Florida Pool Fences clean up when we are done?

Unfortunately, not everybody washes away the cement dust when they are done installing a pool safety fence. When it’s left on your deck, it bakes into the surface, while it’s not impossible to get out, it’s not easy. Hopefully, a little bit of effort on our part will go a long way with you.
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How do you put the safety pool fence back up with on pools that have angles or curves?

Most of the customers don’t realize that when we install our safety pool fences we do not drill the holes at a perfect 90 degrees (straight up and down). When the fence goes around corners and there are angles to the pool we actually drill the holes at an angle. This is done because when the fence is pulled tight, it needs to pull all of the pulls straight up, not leaning over. But knowing how to reinstall the fence will make life easier and this video will show you how.
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Florida Pool Fences is fully licensed and insured.

There are a lot of scam artists and contractors that take the shortcut in South Florida. Unfortunately, if they are not licensed and insured you, the homeowner, are at risk. Florida Pool Fences is fully licensed and insured.
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How does Florida Pool Fences secure loose pavers for a pool fence installation.

Nearly half of the homes that we install our pool fence in have loose pavers. That can be a big problem because the base of the fence needs to be strong and sturdy in order to keep the fence stable and still. This video will show you exactly what we do to fix that situation.
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Can the Florida Pool Fences safety fence be attached to my house?

We are frequently asked if we can attach the pool safety fence to the house rather than complete a loop around the pool.
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Will the pool fence poles bend?

One of the questions we hear at Florida Pool Fences is will our fence poles bend?
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Should I take down the safety pool fence before a hurricane comes?

Florida Pool Fences suggest that you always take out your fence before any kind of storm. Roll it up and store it in your garage.
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How far away from the water’s edge is the fence placed?

How far away from the water’s edge is the fence placed? This has to be one of the most asked questions that we receive. The answer is we can put it where ever you want if you are not going to get an inspection. However, if it is up to us, we put the fence 24 inches from the water’s edge. This video will explain why.
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What does Florida Pool Fences brown (bronze) premium pool fence look like?

We show what a brown (bronze) pool safety fence looks like, fully installed.

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