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Pool Safety Cover FAQs

Your pool safety cover may be cleaned with soapy water (use dish soap only) and a soft brush, or you can use a pressure washer provided the nozzle angle is 45 degrees or larger and you spray from no less than 6 inches from the cover. If you are cleaning your cover before storing it, we recommend that you be sure to allow the cover to dry completely before storage to avoid mold and damage.

Water will not puddle on your cover. Both Secure a Pool mesh and ProMesh covers are water permeable, allowing water and snowmelt to pass through the cover. HyperLite Solid covers come equipped with either a central drain to allow water to drain directly into the pool or a pump system to remove water from the cover directly. Pool Guard recommends that you check the water level of your pool frequently during the off-season to ensure the water level does not come in contact with your safety cover.

ProMesh and HyperLite Solid pool safety covers are an excellent way to block the UV light that causes algae growth throughout the winter making your spring pool opening much less of a chore. In fact, HyperLite Solid covers block 100% of UV light.

All Pool Guard pool safety covers meet or exceed ASTM standards 1346-91 for pool covers.

A professionally installed pool safety cover will help keep both stray and wild animals from accessing your pool by completely sealing the water off from access. Your cover will give you peace of mind by not only keeping your family safe but also all of the animals in your neighborhood.

Your new pool cover comes with a specially designed installation bar that makes it simple for an adult to install or uninstall the cover in just a few minutes.

Our Pool Guard authorized dealers will use a proprietary pool measuring app to measure any shape pool accurately and precisely, no matter how complex, for a perfect fit every time.

Whether you have chosen a mesh safety cover or a solid one, it will do an excellent job of keeping debris such as dirt, leaves, and branches out of your pool. Your cover is designed to fit tightly to the deck to prevent the edges from blowing up in wind and allowing debris to pass underneath. Who knows, with your Pool Guard pool safety cover in place all winter, you may actually enjoy opening your pool in the spring!

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