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Pool Guard of Naples, Your Premier Dealer of Pool Guard Pool Safety Fences

Pool Guard of Naples provides premium pool safety barriers to discerning pool owners of Naples and neighboring cities

in beautiful Southwest Florida. Nestled along the gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is known for our lovely beaches, world-class golf, and high-end resorts. Living in Southwest Florida comes with a certain level of expectations, and here, swimming pools here are meant to be shown off.

We have so many pool styles in Naples, some are infinity pools overlooking the ocean, some pools have water features, and still other pools are surrounded by a resort-like setting. But whatever pool design graces your home, one thing is for certain, safety is always top of mind… and Pool Guard of Naples delivers pool safety with style.

Pool Culture Means Pool Safety Responsibility

Florida is ranked among the top two states in the U.S. for having the most residential pools. That means there are more pools per capata here than virtually anywhere else in the country. You could say swimming is a lifestyle here. And, with ideal pool weather nearly year round, pool safety must take center stage for every pool owner.

Toddlers aged two and under are at the highest risk for accidental drowning. Even while under full adult supervision, they can wonder unnoticed. It takes only seconds for a small child to fall into and drown in a swimming pool, far less, in fact, then the time to watch a TikTok video. What can a pool owner do? Talk with your local Pool Guard of Naples dealer about securing your pool with a Pool Guard pool safety fence, pool safety cover or pool safety net.

Pool Safety Products Pool Guard of Naples Offers

Pool Guard of Naples gives you a full range of pool safety barriers from which to choose. The flagship barrier being premium pool safety fence paired with our premier self-closing, self-latching pool safety gate. This combination, available in four foot or five foot heights, has been rated the most effective barrier against accidental drowning by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Pool Guard pool safety fences can be installed around any pool, even those with complex water features such as waterfalls and grottos. Installing a pool safety fence and gate system is the best way to ensure children are safe around your pool. An added bonus is this system also protects elders prone to tripping and pets, it is truly a pool safety solution for the entire family.

If a safety net or safety cover is more to your taste as the safety barrier for your pool, Pool Guard of Naples can help. Pool Guard pool safety nets are strong and durable and are equipped with a special central tensioning device to keep the net taught and always above the surface of the water.

Our nets are designed to hold the full weight of two average size adults meaning it not only handily carriers the weight of a child, but also the weight of an adult rescuing a child from a fall onto the net.

Pool safety covers are a great solution for homeowners who do not use their pool often or those who may not be in full-time residence. Once properly installed, the cover is all but impossible to remove without the special installation tool provided with every safety cover.

Pool Guard covers are measured to fit the contours of your pool perfectly and to fit tightly so there are no gaps under which a small child could crawl. They are easily removable by an adult in 30 minutes or less.

Don’t Sacrifice Pool Safety for Aesthetics

Worried pool safety will take away from your chill poolside vibe? Don’t sweat it, Pool Guard of Naples has you covered. With pool safety fences, nets, and covers custom-made to fit your pool’s measurements exactly, your pool safety barrier will have the professional look to blend in with your backyard haven.

Our pool fences are made of strong, but see through, mesh, so your sweeping panoramic views are kept intact. We offer pool-friendly color palettes for all of our safety products that will complement any pool. Pool fence is available in combinations from all black or brown, to black and white or our very popular blue and white. We have a color combination that will simply melt into your background.

Nets are available in blue, beige, or black with anchors to complement your pool deck material. Safety covers come not only in green, blue, tan, or grey, but also in several different material weights to match your needs.

Our Products Are Backed By Great Warranties

We understand your pool safety barrier is an investment and we want to make sure you are comfortable making that investment in your family’s safety. To do that, Pool Guard premium pool safety fence and gates carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing. Nets carry a two year limited warranty and covers, depending on the material, carry an up to twelve year pro-rated warranty. Contact Pool Guard of Naples for further details.

Pool Guard of Naples Dealer Territory

Pool Guard of Naples covers Naples, Bonita Springs, and other coastal getaway destinations… including:

  • Naples
  • Bonita Springs
  • Fort Myers
  • Port Charlotte
  • Cape Coral
  • Marco Island
  • Golden Gate

What Else Can Pool Guard of Naples Do For Me?

Superior Customer Service is our objective from the moment we give you an estimate, to getting specs, to installation, everything we do is designed to be quick and hassle-free for you. We value your time, and we treat it like the precious commodity it is. Here at Pool Guard of Naples we know a great product is only part of the story. We strive to provide our customers with a great value and awesome experience as well.

Contact us today to set up a consultation and free quote for the pool safety barrier of your choice.

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Additional Information About Pool Guard of Naples | Pool Safety Fences by Pool Guard

Pool Safety Fence of Florida is the exclusive Pool Guard dealer serving the Naples area. Randy Veeser of Pool Safety Fence of Florida took over the dealership in 2022 and has been making a difference for Naples pool owners ever since. With his passion for pool safety and his commitment to quality, Randy will ensure you have a professional pool fence installation that will stand the test of time. His years of experience in the pool safety field means you can be confident you are investing in the best pool safety solution for your pool and your family.

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