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Pool Safety Fence FAQs

Many people ask, how can I keep my pool safe for my kids? What pool safety products should I use? How can I prevent an accidental drowning from occurring in my pool?

According to the CDC, there are an average of eleven fatal and another 22 non-fatal drownings a day in the U.S. drownings. That’s a whopping 33 drownings a day. Fatal drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4 and the second leading cause of accidental death in kids 5 to 14 years of age. The majority of child drownings happen in swimming pools. So yes, it is safe to say the risk of your child accidentally drowning in a pool without proper safety barriers in place, including a self-closing pool gate, is very real.

Small children, particularly infants, and toddlers, can drown in as little as two inches of water. Imagine the danger an unsecured swimming pool poses. The AAP recommends children under four years of age never be left unsupervised by an adult when they are near any water. And while you would think it would be safe to let an older child swim unsupervised, the AAP also recommends that all children under 14 should always have an adult present within arm’s reach while in the water.

Due to these facts, we understand the many questions that our customers have about pool safety fences. Below are common pool safety FAQs regarding pool fences:

A properly installed Pool Guard pool safety fence system with a self-closing, self-latching gate creates a four-sided barrier between your pool and your home and yard as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and has proven to be the most effective strategy to prevent drownings.

Pool safety fences can be effectively installed around any pool, even those with complex features. Your authorized Pool Guard dealer is an expert at analyzing both the pool and environment to be protected and will design a safety fence layout that will fully protect your pool.

Your Pool Guard safety fence system will protect every member of your family, from curious young toddlers to rambunctious pets, to elderly and disabled members of your household. A Pool Guard fence is an investment in safety for the whole family.

At Pool Guard, we take the extra step of having our fence and gates independently tested and certified to meet ASTM standards and pool barrier codes. Our fence systems comply with Florida Building Code Residential (2020), some of the most comprehensive regulations in the nation.

Your safety fence will give you years of carefree protection with a bit of occasional maintenance. Always use a soft brush and ONLY water to clean your Pool Guard pool safety fence. Pool Guard fences have UV inhibitors in the mesh, border, and stitching, and the use of cleaning products will reduce the UV inhibitor and can lead to damage to the fence and material. If you live in a climate where sand and debris are frequently blown around, we recommend you take the fence out of the ground sleeves every couple of months to rinse off the fence poles to prevent grime and grit from building up between the pole and sleeve which can cause the fence to become hard to remove from the ground.

While we do not recommend removing your pool fence, there are times when it is necessary such as for deck maintenance and cleaning. When removed, roll each section up and store it in a dry place off of the ground. If you are storing your fence for the winter because your pool is covered, this is particularly important as small rodents and animals like to burrow in the fence when it is rolled up. If you wash the fence off prior to storage, we recommend allowing it to dry completely prior to storage.

Pool Guard fences are designed to be strong and durable under normal use conditions. It is not designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and high wind weather events can cause damage. You should assess the location of your pool fence to determine if it is likely to be exposed to extreme wind events.

Yes, it can! Pool Guard pool safety fence and gates can be installed in any type of deck including: concrete, travertine, brick, natural stone, paver, and even grass. Your authorized Pool Guard dealer will choose the correct type of sleeve for your deck material to ensure a proper fit.

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