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A pool fence is a necessity for every pool owner, so it is vitally important to understand how to choose a durable pool fence. It is much more important than you might think. Not only does it ensure your neighbors don’t try to take a quick dip while you are gone, but it also helps you protect neighborhood children, your own family, and your property.

However, for a pool fence to do its job properly, it needs to be built to last.

Today, we’re going to go over 8 tips to familiarize you with how to choose a durable pool fence. Let’s get started.

1: Choose Vinyl

The two most popular material choices for pool fences are vinyl and aluminum and that is for a few great reasons.

Let’s look at vinyl pool safety fence first, it requires almost no maintenance during its expected lifespan. Outside of wiping the fence down with a wet cloth occasionally, you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance tasks such as sanding, repainting, or anything of that nature you might have to worry about with other fence materials.

Aluminum is another great choice for its strength and durability but, vinyl has the advantages in most categories worth considering so, it’s what we recommend here.

2: Ensure the Fence Meets Local Regulations

This seems like an odd tip but, when you think about it, it streamlines the decision-making process. After all, regulations regarding pool fences are in place for a reason, not just to avoid creating eyesores and other issues but, but primarily to ensure the safety of those around your pool. This is especially true in regions where pool safety fences are required but municipal code rather than simply suggested.

By making sure your pool safety fence matches your local regulations exactly, stay on the right side of the law and you know your fence is likely to be of a higher quality than if you looked around for the cheapest option you could find.

3: Don’t DIY Your Fence

In a time when everything seems to be getting more expensive, it’s understandable many people want to DIY their fence solutions and that includes their pool fence as well. Except, there are two main issues with the do-it-yourself solution.

First, the materials you are likely to use probably aren’t as rigid and durable as manufactured pool fences. Chain links, wooden posts, and other commonly used materials for home-built fences can’t stack up to a purpose-built vinyl pool safety fence.

Second, there’s the fact that you are probably not a professional when it comes to building fences or installing them. This can lead to your fence wearing too quickly from design flaws and defects in installation.

A pool fence isn’t just a fence to keep people out like a chain link fence or wooden fence; it’s a necessary barrier to protect your family and property from the potential problems pool owners face.

Not to mention, you want to make sure your fence meets local code standards, or it will be coming right back down once your municipality inspects it.

4: You Get What You Pay For

As we have highlighted, a pool fence serves a very important role. Therefore, it’s worth the extra expense to install a good, high-quality fence.

Don’t get us wrong, you can still find great prices, and simply purchasing the most expensive option isn’t always going to guarantee you get the fence of your dreams, but price does play a major role in how durable your fence will be.

If you want a pool fence that will last for years, require little to no maintenance, and withstand the elements without showing wear and tear, then you want to be ready to pay a fair price.

5: Get the Fence Professionally Installed

Not everything about a fence’s durability has to do with the quality of the fence itself. Even the best fence made to the highest quality standards can potentially fall apart quickly if it’s not installed properly.

This goes lock step with our tip about not doing it yourself. You want to make absolutely sure the company performing your pool fence installation has a strong and long reputation of flawless work. Investing the money for a high-quality pool fence, getting excited when you finally see it completed, then watching posts rise out of the ground or loose hardware give out, is simply no fun to deal with.

6: Consider Your Surroundings

Again, not everything that factors into the longevity of your pool fence will have to do with the fence itself. Sometimes, you need to be mindful of your environment, too. Take into consideration trees that might be likely to fall and have them removed. The condition of the ground where the fence is to be installed also should be taken into account to ensure its stability and suitability for anchoring your pool fence.

Your fence choice plays into this as well, some fence designs are more suitable for some situations than others.

Of course, the best way to determine what pool fence design will work best in your yard is to consult a professional.

7: Consider Corrosion Resistance

Pool environments are notoriously harsh. Sun and chlorine can do a real number on an unwisely chosen pool fence. UV protected vinyl mesh with marine grade aluminum post is the best choice for corrosion resistance. This pool fence will stand up to the elements and any pool chemicals thrown at it.

Wood and metal fences both corrode and break down over time when exposed to high levels of UV radiation and pool chemicals. These are not the optimal materials for a long lasting pool safety fence.

8: Robust Build and Quality Hardware

Finally, you want to make sure the pool fence you buy isn’t flimsy, easy to break or twist, or held together by cheap hardware.

It’s fairly easy to tell if a fence is robust by looking at its components. Reinforced poles, no sharp edges or burrs, and no loose screws are a few of the items that are easy for you to check and will help indicate quality.

It’s a little harder to determine the quality of the hardware used but, ask what materials are used. Is the metal marine grade? Or, just standard? Hardware is an easy component to cut corners on, and if the hardware rusts or breaks easily, it doesn’t matter how robust the fencing itself is.

Make sure you are purchasing a quality fence for superior protection.

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