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Mesh Pool Fence | The Most Popular Choice in Pool Safety Barriers

Pool Guard USA - Mesh Pool Fence

The mesh pool fence is quickly becoming the most popular choice in pool safety fence options. It has the ability to fit the contours of any pool shape and adapts easily around water features like fountains or decorative rocks. Undoubtedly, it also creates a more appealing backyard view than traditional wrought iron fencing. With functionality, as well as aesthetics, what more does this pool fence option have to offer?

Four Reasons to choose a Pool Guard mesh pool fence:

1) Durability & Functionality – Our pool barrier is long-lasting. It also provides improved visibility compared to other styles of pool safety gates.

Made from tightly woven interlocking mesh, this product is not only resilient but also provides improved see-through visibility. With a reinforced edging made from marine-grade vinyl, this product delivers maximum strength and durability!

2) Fade Resistant Choose a pool safety product that is tough against the elements.

UV inhibitors are built into the mesh to withstand the heat of the sun, thereby preventing fading and deterioration. The protectants keep the mesh pool fence looking great for years under all types of weather conditions.

3) Swimming pool fence installation is quick and easy.

A pool fence installation can usually be completed within 2 hours depending on the size and complexity of the project.

4) Complementary Color Options – Accessorize your choice in a swimming pool gate with an accent color.

In addition to all this, our pool fence is available in multiple color combinations. Select from blue to blend in with the pool water, beige to match a pool deck or bronze for desert landscaping.

“When I arrive at a customer’s home, the first thing I look at is the color scheme. I then grab my mesh pool fence color samples and line them out on the deck for the customer to consider.” – from Rick Leviton, Pool Guard’s Texas dealer.

No matter which color you choose for your pool fence, you can rest assured your family is protected by a Pool Guard pool safety fence.

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