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A pool safety gate is essential to add that extra layer of protection needed for your pool playground. A backyard swimming pool has many perks. It offers a convenient place to unwind, have fun with friends and family, and exercise. However, pool ownership requires personal responsibility. Swimming comes with a risk. So, pool safety measures always need to be in place to prevent avoidable pool accidents from occurring. This applies when there are children in the home or in the neighborhood.

Statistics Show the Following:

  • For children under the age of 4, drowning is the most common cause of death
  • For every one child that dies from drowning, another five children end up in emergency care

Toddlers are the most obvious group to consider when it comes to keeping the pool area secure.
But don’t overlook another vulnerable group – older children and teenagers. Now especially, it’s critical to be alert as children spend more time at home. Parents may have extra obligations in their daily lives. These extra duties may prevent parents from monitoring their children at all times.

One of the most secure barriers in preventing unanticipated pool access is our pool safety gates. Pool Guard recommends including a pool gate with a pool safety fence, as does the American Pediatric Association. Their published policy, Prevention of Drowning, provides numerous pool safety strategies. The American Pediatric Association suggests installing a self-closing, self-latching pool safety gate. Choose one that preferably opens outward from the pool. They cite a 2004 study that found these types of gates used in conjunction with four-sided fencing is most effective. This prevents more than 50% of swimming pool drownings of young children.

Yet, a pool safety gate that doesn’t close and latches properly can become a weak link in even the strongest fence. A young child pushing on a gate without a self-latching feature may be able to force it open. They can thereby gain unsupervised entry to the pool.

That’s why Pool Guard makes the strongest and most secure swimming pool gates. Our pool gates help parents stop their children from entering the pool area when they shouldn’t.

Our pool safety gates feature:

Magnalatch Adds Additional Safety Measures to Your Pool Gate:

This top pull latch makes our gates self-closing and self-latching, stopping young children and pets from entering the pool area unsupervised. It also has a visual lock indicator showing when the latch is locked and is key-lockable for added safety.

Truclose Safety Gate Hinges:

These self-closing hinges include a spring-loaded adjustment that allows for incremental closing tension adjustment. They also won’t rust or stain thanks to their strong polymer and stainless steel construction.

Aluminum Frames for Rust-Proof Pool Gate:

Our pool safety gates are manufactured with rust-proof aluminum. The frames are built to resist the physical stress of wear and tear from frequent openings and closings. They are available in aluminum or powder-coated color finishes.

Bottom Bar:

A bottom bar adds extra support to Pool Guard’s U-shaped gate frame. This ensures each pool safety gate closes and locks securely every time.

Pool Guard’s pool safety gates are also long-lasting, and durable, and need little to no maintenance necessary after installation. With all these beneficial features, it’s no wonder our product quality is unmatched.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing quality products and providing professional installation, we’ve become the leader in pool safety barriers.

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