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Pool Fence Installer | 10 Ways to Identify A Reliable Pool Fence Installation Company Near Me

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Choosing the right pool fence installer is critical when considering how important pool safety is. With all the stringent city, state, and insurance requirements, making sure you meet all these criteria can be challenging. A general fence contractor won’t do it because they may not be familiar with pool safety codes etc. Therefore, you look into someone who specializes in pools – a pool fence installer. But, who do you go with? How do you choose a pool fence company that you can trust will get the job done – right.

Here’s a short checklist that will help you find the best pool fence installer in your area.

10 Ways to find a reliable Pool Fence Installer

1) Pool Fence Type/Functionality: What kind of pool barrier do I think I need?

Don’t all pool fence installers have the same inventory? No. If you are looking for a mesh pool fence vs a wrought iron fence – determine which contractors specialize in which. Also, if you want a fence that is a removable pool fence, that further refines your search.

2) Background check: How long the pool fence installer has been in business?

Next, there are many “new” businesses popping up in this gig economy. Consider those who have been well-established. Avoid fly-by-night businesses. These people may not guarantee their work – and worse yet may be impossible to find after they collect your money.

3) Testimonials: Check out the pool fence installer’s work

In addition to how long a business has been established, take a look at its customer testimonials and work. Ask to call 2-3 of their clients. Verify – see if they are willing to send a quick video of the pool fence installed.

4) Pool Fence Cost: Check out the quality of the product along with the price.

There are many grades of mesh pool fencing. Get at least three quotes to see what the average pool fence cost is. Furthermore, you should check out their selection first before you make that final decision. Not all products are comparable.

5) Pool Safety Fence Selection – Enhancing your pool deck area.

Is there a selection of pool fence designs and colors that blend in with your pool area? You are looking for something aesthetically appealing as well as functional.

6) Product Warranty – Does the pool fence itself come with a warranty?

This may not be on the radar for most, but ask if there is a warranty and what it exactly covers. A Pool Guard pool fence comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

7) Work Guarantee

If, after the work is completed, an issue should arise in the future on the installation – is the work guaranteed? Clarify the specifics of the guarantee.

8) Customer Satisfaction

Time is a factor most often overlooked. Is the pool fence contractor respectful of it? Do they come at the arranged time or make you wait all day? How quickly will the entire process take? Ask these questions.

9) Reputable – Member of the Better Business Bureau

See if the pool fence installer company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will rate businesses with a grading system from A+ to F.

10) Recommendations

Word of mouth is also a great way to find a quality pool fence installer.

To recap, ensuring that your pool deck is safe with the perfect swimming pool fence requires some research.

By implementing these tips, your journey to making your pool area a safe haven will be easier. Also, you can ensure the quality of the workmanship holds up for years to come.

If you are looking for a pool fence company that makes all the marks, consider Pool Guard pool fence installer.



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