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Pet pool safety is always on the radar for pool owners with animal companions. They are aware to some degree of the dangers a pool poses to their four-legged friends. And perhaps they believe occasional supervision is enough. But this is not the case. The biggest dangers with pet pool safety may lie with factors that aren’t easily seen. Drowning is a silent killer and with pets this can happen in an instant. It just takes the wrong kind of circumstances to create an unfortunate accident.

Is your pet pool safety thoroughly in place? Here are a few factors that can put your kitten or dog at risk.

Pet Pool Safety Quiz:

Senior Pets (Extra Care) – Is your pet a senior dog? If so, they may suffer from poor vision, weak joints, decreased mobility or even seizures. Canines can easily slip in calm water and not be able to exit.

Swimming Ability: Can your pet swim? This is a trick question. Even a water breed dog may find themselves in a predicament in the pool. They may tire themselves out. Other dogs may panic as well as exhaust themselves too. Is your dog familiar on how to exit the pool? Take time to teach them. Incorporate a dog ramp or pet ladder to your pool safety efforts.

Secure the Perimeter – Whether your pet is naturally rambunctious or curious about the opossums, raccoons, or lizards nearby, secure the perimeter. Add a water displacement pool alarm. Additionally, fortify the pool with a mesh pool fence or pool safety cover. This will add that layer of protection your pet needs when you are not around.

Need a pool fence that not only keeps your fur babies safe and compliments your pool? Consider our mesh pool fence.

Our pool fences range in height from 24” to 60” and are made to custom fit your pool. Made with durable mesh material, not only can you easily see through it, it can withstand the elements. Make sure your pets get the VIP treatment with a Pool Guard pool safety fence.

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