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Safety First: How Pool Gates and Pool Nets Prevent Accidental Drowning

pool gate

Investing in a pool can be a fantastic reprieve from the summer months’ hot weather. However, the same thing that can provide endless hours of family enjoyment can quickly become a parent’s worst nightmare. Installing a pool gate is the surefire way to protect your family and friends from the hidden dangers a pool can hold.

Pools are everywhere in the United States, with over 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools dotting our neighborhoods and cities. Most Americans believe they can swim properly, but a shocking survey revealed that almost half have not learned basic water safety skills. According to the Red Cross, only 56% of these swimmers can actually perform the five core swimming skills: jumping or stepping into water over one’s head, returning to the surface and treading water, floating for one minute, identifying an exit, and swimming 25 yards to that point and then exiting the water.

With these startling facts in mind, it is important to recognize the fact that drowning is prevelant amongst children. One out of every five drowning accidents is a child 14 years or younger, and more than half of drowning victims treated in emergency departments have injuries so critical they require hospitalization or transfer to another hospital for further care. Pool gates could prevent these drownings, along with using the appropriate pool safety nets.

Proper pool fencing will significantly reduce the dangerous risk of drowning, for more than half of all deaths could be prevented by simply installing four sided fencing that completely separates the pool from the house and yard. These barriers prohibit children from accessing the pool without being watched, with a four sided pool gate reducing the risk of drowning by a whopping 83% compared to a three sided fence.

It is of substantial importance that these pool fences be at least four feet high, and have self-closing and self-latching gates that open outwards instead of inwards. If your child is taller, make sure the latches are out of reach.

Pool safety nets can be installed to catch a child if they unexpectedly fall. These nets are laid across the pool, and offer protection from accidental drowning as the net openings are small enough to obstruct a child’s head from going underwater.

Prevent the unpredictable and install a pool net or pool gate today.

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