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Swimming Pool Fencing: When Safety Meets Style

swimming pool fencing

About 20% of drowning victims are 14 years old or younger, yet more than half of these drownings could be prevented by an isolation fence. A large part of this tragic statistic lends itself to the lack of pool safety fences, gates, and covers. Swimming pool fencing companies have found a new way to keep pools safe for kids without taking away from the overall look of the home.

Glass and mesh pool fences are not only great for keeping children away from the water. They also provide complete visibility for parents. Each type of fence has its own advantages, and homeowners should educate themselves before making a final decision.

Glass swimming pool fencing
is an aesthetically-appealing way to keep children away from open water. It allows family members to keep an eye on the entire yard and pool at all times. The complete visibility adds an extra layer of protection for kids, and its aesthetic also makes the yard look bigger.

However, glass fencing may not be the best option for everyone as it is breakable. If a guest were to run into the fence on accident, it may crack or shatter. The glass is designed to break into very small pieces to prevent serious injuries, but this can make it more difficult to clean up. Marking the outline of the fence is a good way to prevent accidents.

Mesh swimming pool fencing
is a popular choice due to its durability and safety appeal. While it may not be the most attractive fencing option, it doesn’t break like glass and isn’t dangerous to collide with. While the material may stretch and develop holes over time, the mesh is easily adjustable and can be patched up. The fence can last for years if maintained properly.

An important aspect of both types of fences is the addition of self-closing doors. No matter the material of pool safety gates or fences, they should always be outfitted with self-latching locks that are at least four feet high and out of the reach of children. This makes it more difficult for children to circumvent the fence while ensuring the fence is always locked, even if an adult forgets to close it behind them. When combined with the four-side isolation fence, a child’s risk of drowning is reduced by 83% compared to the use of a three-sided fence.

Does your household use a pool safety fence? Or do you plan to install one soon? If so, sound off in the comments below, or contact us for more information on adding this safety feature to your pool.

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