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Above-Ground Pool Fences | Pool Fence Pitfalls

All above-ground pool fences promise safety and security. Yet, how well do they really perform this task? Sure, all fences block the pool from accidental drownings but are “blocking” enough? Additionally, how do these above-ground pool fences rate on value? Before you invest in an above-ground pool fence make sure you know the benefits and pitfalls of each type. Because what you don’t know may cost you more than you realize in the long run.

The following list breaks down the most popular swimming pool fences out in the market by performance and value.

Above Ground Pool Fences Breakdown:


The traditional wooden fence is best used on your property line. Depending on the spacing between panels it can provide poor to zero visibility when supervising the pool. Wooden fences rot. They rot more with exposure to the water from pools.

Chain-link Fence

Chain-link fences catch the eye of many pool owners for their affordability. However, the structure of this fence is easily scalable by kids. Its honeycomb design gives ample opportunity for a little hand or foot to use as leverage. In addition to this shortcoming as a pool fence, consider how the metal will rust over time. As for above-ground pool fences, you should shy away from this one.

Vinyl Fence

This fence is easy on the eyes and a step above the metal link fence. It is still climbable due to the gaps between the panels. Visibility is slightly impaired due to the paneling. As costs go, on average, it is more expensive than a mesh pool fence.

Mesh Pool Fence

As its name implies, it is a fence made expressly for the pool. The mesh is non-scalable and durable to the elements. You have 360° views of the all activity in the swimming pool. And, it is quite affordable. With Pool Guard, you can rest assured our pool fencing meets the strictest requirements to be ASTM certified. Plus, this above ground pool fence is easily removable. It takes less than 15 minutes to transform your backyard oasis.

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