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Beautiful Pool Fences | 4 Traits You Can’t Miss

Pool Guard USA - Beautiful Pool Fences

Beautiful pool fences single-handedly set the tone for countless pool surrounds among the most selective pool owners. When it comes to creating an upscale environment – beautiful pool fences are the deciding factor for a return performance.

A pool safety fence can at a glance be inviting and elevate the deck area to a “Stay-cation” level. Or, it can detract from the vibe of the party. Swimming Pool safety fences are THE essential pool equipment that makes it or breaks it when it comes down to aesthetics.

But, what makes swimming pool fencing reach this luxurious category? Here are our top 4 features that make our removable pool fences make that cut.

Beautiful Pool Fences (Top 4 traits)

  1. Visibility – The view is clear. Ideally, beautiful pool fences are often unobtrusive. They blend in perfectly with the pool’s scenery yet provide the required pool safety needed. Our mesh pool fences add to the continuity of your pool’s décor. Additionally, it also offers clear visibility with its high-performance see-through mesh material.
  2. Removability – Transform your deck at a moment’s notice
    While we recommend always leaving your Pool Guard fence installed, it is fully removable. So, when you have proper adult supervision and want to open your backyard back up, you can remove it. You can’t do that with wrought iron, glass, chain link, or wooden fence. Safety is priority one at Pool Guard. But you don’t have to sacrifice your backyard appeal.
  3. Custom Contour & Complementary Colors
    Pool Guard pool fences are made to contour to any pool shape, from clean angular lines to the organic curves of a lagoon-style pool. PLUS, they come in a variety of natural tones and eye-catching hues that complement any setting. With the perfect color and shape – the pool’s landscape is kept seamless.
  4. Affordability and Value
    Hands down, our pool barriers are way more affordable than their more expensive counterparts. When comparing pricing on glass, wood, wrought iron, or aluminum fencing, our mesh fencing comes out on top. Not only that, our mesh is strong and durable, made to withstand harsh elements. Our product also comes with a limited warranty on the material and installation. You can rest assured when you purchase a Pool Guard fence.

In the end, we think what makes a Pool Guard a beautiful fence – peace of mind

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